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Most of our partners choose to white label or embed the Panintelligence dashboard within their existing solution, enhancing their product capabilities and adding value for their customers. As the process of integration is seamless and the dashboard can connect to a number of systems and external applications companies in almost any sector can benefit from becoming a software partner.

“Panintelligence listened to us and were willing to work with us to develop the product, which you don’t get with the larger vendors”

Richard Williams, MS Amlin (Insurance)

“The first time the Panintelligence team demonstrated their dashboard software… it ticked all of the boxes in terms of security, flexibility, deployment and interactivity and it seemed like a good fit.”

Phil Stothard, ACI Worldwide (Payments)

 “The Panintelligence dashboard is simple, user-friendly software that doesn’t require any technical training for end users….”

Nigel James, Tribal (Education)

“Given our differing requirements for a variety of Advanced solutions, I was delighted when Panintelligence offered us sensible commercial terms.”

Paul Sparkes, Advanced (Field Services)

 “We wanted a tool which was easy to use, provided customers with insight, and at a glance showed them how we were performing against our contracted SLAs.”

Tim Mason, Communisis (Marketing)

“By using mstore alongside the BI software, Arena’s customers are provided with the right tools to manage their documents and information in one streamlined process.”

Neil Maude, Arena Group (Document Management)

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