2020 - What an unforgettable year!

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Samantha Sherlock
3 December 2020
It’s that time of year again the festive season is upon us and we’re wrapping up another year. This is our final newsletter for 2020 and what an unforgettable year it’s been!!

A massive thank you to all our customers for choosing to partner with Panintelligence, you’re fabulous and we’re humbled by, and grateful for, your continued support!

2020 posed challenges none of us could have predicted – even pi Predict didn’t see this one coming - but the increased communication with our customers in a virtual capacity helped us stay connected. From online Account Management meetings, to virtual consultancy days and, of course, the online partner event, has proved we adapt, and our partnerships will stand the test of time. It was great to experience the ups and downs of the year as a community.

Despite the global challenges we’ve all faced, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in 2020 – in both the UK and internationally. Our Panintelligence team has been exceptional as ever, and so have you, our customers!

There have still been some highlights in 2020, which include:

  • As pi has evolved, we’ve begun to support for 0 downtime deployment, introduced docker health checks and improved Kubernetes compatibility.
  • Security has always been our top priority and this year we've further consolidated other authentication providers and introduced new configuration options to match the latest browser security requirements. Additionally, at the end of the year we will be launching a beta version of our API (v2) based on the widely accepted OpenAPI standards, complete with documentation, SDKs and examples.
  • Keeping in line with our easy-to-deploy philosophy, we've introduced a brand-new configuration tool to allow both GUI-based configuration and automated CLI/embedded/chained configuration.
  • What is a data visualisation tool without new visuals? In 2020 we added more theming options, 8 new chart types and a new table library to support the long-awaited subtotals!
  • Finally keeping quality in the forefront, we've started automating our end-to-end tests to ensure both general usage and corner cases are fully supported, on every single commit.

Looking Forward

For 2021, our ambitious roadmap looks more like a motorway! With lanes for additional chart types and chart functionality, enhancements to pi Predict, an easier look and feel customisation across all of pi, a review of the user model for improved flexibility (including multi-tenancy improvements and granular as-needed authorisation) and new output formats for pi Reports, to name but a few!

In our testing ‘lanes’ for 2021, we’re looking to include automated deployment tests to prove the dashboard's flexible deployment, performance tests to ensure your bar chart is as real-time as your data and finally, automated usability studies to ensure we deliver the best interface.

Of course, 2021 will be shaped by your needs and we’ll continue to listen and understand the requirements for your businesses. To enable this, we have lots of collaboration events we want to involve you in, from user groups to your regular catch ups with your account manager, we want to hear from you!

Customer Success continues to be high priority for us, ensuring that you have all of the resources and services that you need to not just get started with pi, but to get the very most out of it too. We’ll be starting by introducing an easy to use knowledge base, along with community spaces and labs where partners can really come together to focus on specific topics and how to maximise pi.

All that's left for me to say on behalf of all of the Panintelligence team is a big thank you to all of you who have been amazing champions of Panintelligence, who have never failed to help us improve and serve them better, we hope to be able to thank you in person in the very near future!

As we embark on 2021, I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you all!

Here’s to great things in 2021!

"Despite the global challenges we’ve all faced, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in 2020 – in both the UK and internationally. Our Panintelligence team has been exceptional as ever, and so have you, our customers!

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