pi is a 3-in-1 embedded analytics app.


Our 3-in-1 embedded solution delivers self-service dashboards, automated reporting and powerful predictive analytics.
Past, present and future data insights can be embedded seamlessly into your application in just a few days. Our solution makes data simple. Pull together disparate sources of data to deliver a bird’s eye view in a customisable format. All without writing a single line of code. We’ve built it so your developers don’t have to.
  • Deploy in days
  • Built for cloud
  • Integrated security
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pi Visualizes
Easily build over your own data and simply embed charts or entire dashboards into your app.
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pi Reports
Our automated reporting function brings insights straight to the users. Our scheduling, alerting and notifications are triggered based on changes to data.
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pi Predicts
Transform your users into data scientists with our self-service no-code predictive analytics modelling.
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At the heart of our partnership is a clear understanding of the value that each party brings and that the main players on both sides are like minded professionals with shared values and a desire to succeed in a competitive market space.
Nigel James, Sales Manager FE, The Tribal Group

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