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BI Consultant

It was sport that first ignited my passion for data, with many hours spent thumbing through various Rothmans Football Yearbooks when I should have been doing homework. Luckily this passion didn’t have a detrimental effect on my career, instead, leading me on a magical data tour of providing analyses, visualisations, and business intelligence to a plethora of companies, sectors, and pretty much just anyone who is willing (or not) to listen to my ramblings.


Working at Panintelligence has therefore become a match made in heaven for me, with like-minded people all having a passion for how data can transform lives and businesses. I really enjoy the variety within my role and feeling that no day will be the same.


When not in the office or travelling around the country providing data joy, I’m watching or playing as many sports as I can while trying not to overly annoy my delightful girlfriend. Football still provides the biggest outgoing in terms of time, money, and general disappointment, but I’ve had my Sheffield United season ticket for far too long now that I don’t really know what other people do on Saturdays between August and May.

I play cricket (I also have a Yorkshire CCC season ticket) and try to get as many running miles on the clock as possible during a week, unsurprisingly recording them all on Strava for post-run analysis. My table tennis skills have been revitalised too since I joined Panintelligence, but I promise that the in-house table wasn’t a main factor for joining. When not filling my life with sport, I still like to bash out a few riffs on a guitar and if you’re (un)lucky you may find some of my tracks hiding in the depths of the internet.