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Cloud Engineer

I’m driven by automation, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. My main areas of interest are public cloud and how we leverage the capabilities to simplify developers' lives to increase productivity and improve the quality of the product delivered but also how we employ cloud from a best practice, architecture, and security perspective.

My foundations are a career in IT spanning over 15 years encompassing full stack development, support, and life backend development before finally making the leap to Cloud Architect.

At Panintelligence

I’ve joined Panintelligence to look at everything cloud and DevOps. Automation and a well-architected cloud are my primary focuses but maintaining the best practices in security are never far from my mind.


I’m a musician and a family man in my spare time. I play several instruments: drums, guitar (badly) and a few oddities including the uke and even the banjo!

I’m also a self-professed computer game (VR and sim) and board game geek. When I’m not on the gig circuit or playing board games I like to spend time with my family.