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Sales Manager

Hollie joined Panintelligence in January 2017. She loves the team spirit in the office, as well as the relaxed and welcoming environment. Having previously worked in a software channel role, Hollie knew she loved working with partners and building mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships.

Before Panintelligence

Hollie has previously worked in both large and small corporate companies, and much prefers smaller ones. She like to see the difference she's making and having her voice and ideas heard! Hollie enjoys working in the technology space, so she can constantly learn and develop both professionally and personally, due to its fast paced nature.


Outside work, Hollie enjoys keeping fit and healthy, going to the gym three times a week and doing yoga. Aside from health and fitness, Hollie has a passion for animals, and recently took a break from her career to go travelling for eight months.

She volunteered at a wildlife sanctuary in Thailand, working closely with rescued elephants, and then went on to travel around Thailand before spending six months in Australia. Hollie finished her travels in her favourite place – Indonesia  which she would recommend to anyone! Hollie is also the youngest of five sisters, and has a beloved cat named Ozzie. Her new year's resolution is to eat less meat and dairy produce.