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Software Developer

Before Panintelligence

"Once upon a time, there was a 2D Animator and Post-producer who evolved into a Developer...", Igor says. In fact, he spent nearly three years in his original career as an animator and post-producer in Portugal, before turning his hand to development.

Igor spent a further 18 months in his native land of Portugal, first being a full-stack developer before becoming a software developer, which he still does to this day.

At Panintelligence

Igor started life in the UK in September 2018, and joined Panintelligence to find a work family, as well as a great place to learn and grow as a developer. Having a creative and strategist mind, Igor is always trying to find solutions to all types of problems and come up with new ideas.


Igor is a core member of the Panintelligence band, and can be found playing either rhythm or lead guitar, accompanied by other Pan people: Steve, Tiago, Alex, and Iain.