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Product Director

Ken is the Product Director at Panintelligence. He was one of the original team who developed the dashboard and has been working in the BI market for over 20 years. Ken loves data and has dedicated the last ten years to helping businesses unlock the potential hidden in their data with dashboards. Stephen Few, a leading expert in visualisation, is one of Ken’s heroes and he is now the proud owner of a signed name plate that was personalised.

Surfing & Travelling

When he’s not dreaming up new things for the dashboard Ken likes spending time with his family and surfing in Saltburn. Another of Ken’s passions is his caravan. He bought a run-down 1969 Viking Fibreline, and over the course of many months transformed it into a lovely holiday home, complete with bunk beds for the kids. Ken and the family recently took it on tour and they stayed in it when they visited Kielder Water.

Animals & Analytics

As well as being one of those most keen to get a tropical aquarium in our office, Ken has an interest in animals. He is the proud owner of three ducks which constantly supplying the team with eggs. He also has a tarantula called Gloria, a bearded dragon called Flash and a rabbit called Buddy. The aquarium in the office is now monitored 24 hours a day with an in-tank sensor to ensure the health of the fish. This has allowed Ken to combine some of his passions to create a dashboard over the data for the fish! The sensor even has alerts so that he will get a phone call or text message if any of the monitored levels drops below safe thresholds.