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Software Developer

Before joining Panintelligence, I completed a degree in Computer Science with Mathematics at the University of Leeds. It was during my degree that I discovered my love for everything software related.

I spent a significant amount of my spare time coding my own projects. My interest in mathematics at university also allowed me to conduct some research in fluid dynamics, and it was nice to try something different.

At Panintelligence

I joined Panintelligence straight after leaving university. I wanted to work at a company with a small number of employees, which would allow me to get hands-on, and explore what goes on in the wider business.

Panintelligence seemed like the ideal choice, especially for a graduate. It was definitely a good decision to start my career here!

My role at Panintelligence began as a Software Test Engineer. Recently, I have also started working on the development side of things. I hope to be able to do both testing and development in the future. I am currently working on alpha testing for some of our customers; this is my own project within the company which will allow us to test customer-specific environments.


Outside work I am a big football fan. I've been a season ticket holder at Bradford City since I was old enough to go! I am a brown belt in kickboxing and trained for about 12 years. Sadly, since I started university, I have not been able to keep up my training regime.

I adopted a rescue dog called Theo in my final year of university. He is my first dog and it was a great decision to adopt! Since adopting Theo, I have also become a volunteer for the charity I adopted him from: Aireworth Dogs in Need. My first job for them was to put my developer skills to good use and create a mobile app for the charity. I intend to continue helping them in my spare time.