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Third Line Support Analyst

Before joining Panintelligence, I completed a degree in Computer Security and Forensics at Leeds Beckett University.

During my 3rd year, I undertook a placement within the Testing department at VocaLink Ltd; this is where I grew to love testing and I loved seeing the transformation from broken/outdated tests into fully functioning test certifications for banks across England and abroad.

At Panintelligence

I wanted to get into a small business as I had enjoyed my placement year and the close-knit relationship between the testing and Development Teams there, and I was lucky enough to be offered an interview for Panintelligence four months before I finished university.

Panintelligence seemed like the ideal choice, as they were willing to wait until after I’d finished my studies to begin work, and they offered me a great way to start my career in software testing.

This position also provides to opportunity to explore alpha, smoke, and security testing, which I have dabbled in but would love to focus on more.

I have begun my career as a Software Test Engineer and I am learning very quickly. I am hoping to surpass expectations and become a fully-fledged member of the team with my own project undertakings and maybe even the ability to delve into other areas that I have interests in.


Outside work, I like to partake in many different sports. I’m always the one willing to give anything new a try. Some of my favourite sports are hockey, tennis, football, and snooker.

I am also a big fan of being outdoors and, as a child, I would be out doing six-mile wilderness walks with my family or off exploring by myself at the local park.

Besides sport and adventuring, I am heavily into fitness and recently achieved a goal weight of 13 stone (after struggling with eating illnesses for a while).

I attribute this to the amount of time I’ve spent at the gym, learning about best practices and such relating to fitness and food. I always want to learn more and help all who are struggling or who just want a friendly ear to bounce ideas off.

I am also an avid gamer and have multiple consoles at home. I much prefer a holiday relaxing with a new game than one spent on a sunny beach getting burnt (ginger problems).