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Software Developer

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I love building stuff; drafting an idea onto paper and then making it happen. I did it as a kid with Lego bricks, later with 3D models, and more recently with code. This passion for building things, and a wish to develop myself, brought me from the coffee and custard-tart scented Portugal to the cooler and rainier (just how I like it) England. I joined the Panintelligence team in April 2015 to contribute to the development of a great product and through it help people solve their problems. I studied Computer Science and specialise in user experience design. When I’m not programming I enjoy cooking and baking, playing computer and board games, hiking with my girlfriend and, well let’s face it, coding some more.

Coming to England

Tiago recently moved to God’s Own County from Lisbon to start his new role as Software Developer at Panintelligence. He certainly misses the good coffee and bacalhau salgado (salted cod) but the beautiful countryside and the nice weather make the “saudade” go away.

Side projects

Not only does he enjoy his role at work, Tiago can’t seem to stop writing code at home! This is what happens when you’ve had computers all your life. These projects are born out an excuse to try technology.

Recently, he started documenting problems he finds along the way in his blog: “Is this what you’re paid for?” The name comes from his father’s surprise after telling him about the aquarium and the greenhouse prompting him to jokingly ask “Is that what you all are paid for?”


Tiago is a massive fan of video games. His favourites are too many to go through and he’s currently playing Hammerwatch with his girlfriend. He also loves playing board games such as Risk and The Resistance.


Every weekend Tiago and his girlfriend, Tânia, go for walks in the countryside near Harrogate or they also like to visit other parts of England.