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Embedding Data Literacy: 
How technology builds data driven cultures

Thursday 30th September 2021
10-2.30pm BST

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According to the IDC 50% of organisations still lack the data literacy and analytics skills to achieve business value. Learn from global experts on how to embed data literacy for you and your customers to exceed objectives and identify hidden opportunities.

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Anna Sutton, Co-Founder & CEO of The Data Shed

Adam Votava, co-founder of Data Diligence

Chelsea Wilkinson, co-founder of Data Diligence

Anna set up The Data Shed with her business partner to help other organisations optimise the data they hold. Integrating, cleaning and enhancing for trust and insight and then pushing out to appropriate analysis tools and supporting business change programs to give the decision makers access to data in a meaningful way. In the last 12 months they pushed our own SaaS data product live and onboarded their first customers. Data Democratisation is at the heart of everything they do!

Adam has 10+ years experience in large corporate, consulting and start-up worlds. He built his career around using data science to solve challenging business problems under various contexts. He's an expert for senior executives in his network. Adam was born and raised in the Czech Republic, studied Law and Mathematics at the Charles University of Prague and obtained master’s degrees in both fields. Adam writes a weekly data reading list blog.

Chelsea is a senior communications, investor and corporate relations executive with a 20-year track record. With extensive international experience, she has led teams through crisis, growth, succession and large-scale M&A. Chelsea is a dual national having split her schooling and career between South Africa and the UK. Chelsea writes a weekly LinkedIn post on data science and private equity.  Her posts can be found in their Points of View section.

Nouras Haddad, VP of Alliances at Firebolt

Kyra Purvis, VP at Rivery

Jason Field, Major Account Manager at
Document Logistix 

Nouras is developing the technology ecosystem and distribution channel globally for this next-generation cloud data warehouse. Prior to Firebolt, he led technology alliances at Looker and at Stitch Data. Nouras is originally from Croatia, lives in San Francisco and is a graduate of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Find out more about Firebolt here

Kyra Purvis is VP of Partnerships and Alliances at Rivery. Kyra has over 18 years of experience in digital advertising and SaaS technology. Her mission at Rivery is to build the programs and initiatives that sustain long-lasting partnerships with Consulting partners, SIs and technology platforms. Previously, Kyra worked at Salesforce and Microsoft, and managed alliance partners such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. She also spent several years at startups and running her own consulting practice.

Document Logistix have been providing Electronic Document Management Solutions for over 25 Years, Jason has been working at Document Logistix in various roles for over 10 years. Starting in Business Development, moving into Pre-Sales and now working as the Major Account Manager.

Lawrence Lilley, Chief Technology Officer at

Mutual Vision Technologies Ltd

Paul Sheppard, Director at Simitive Limited

Andrew Dotto, Product Management at Advanced


Lawrence is Chief Technology Officer at Mutual Vision, but is a software engineer by training, working from a hired gun contractor to business leader, and all points in between, over a 30 year career.  He has discovered real benefit from seeing the good, and the bad, across a diverse range of business contexts; from travel to insurance, from payment systems to higher education, to the banking sector.

His purpose is to provide clear strategic leadership and collaboration with customers, to develop, transform and simplify organisational IT to deliver measurable benefit. And getting to play with cool toys along the way.

Formerly a Director of IBM’s largest Data Partner in Europe and with more than 20 years in the industry Paul and the Simitive Team now work exclusively with Universities in the delivery of Workforce and Institutional planning solutions.

Following a rigorous and lengthy process Simitive selected PanIntelligence as the Bi tool for all Simitive products in delivering data analytics.

Working for Advanced, Andrew Dotto heads the Product Management for Infosuite, a white labelled product of Pan’s Dashboard, and DRS, a Dynamic Resource Scheduler. 

For the last 6 years, he has been working to deliver Field Service Scheduling and Business Intelligence excellence to a community of dedicated customers who want to understand the detail behind their data.

Mark Hewson, Chief Technology Officer at
Lead Forensics

Martyn Ryder, VP Sales & Marketing at Morphean


Mark is a leader in the technology and software development sector, having previously worked as Head of Development at Lead Forensics. He also boasts more than 25 years of experience in IT. In his life prior to Lead Forensics, his work spanned everything from corporate start-ups to investment banking and online gaming.

As Chief Technology Officer, Mark is responsible for the technology direction of the Lead Forensics group, playing an active role in bridging the gap between the business and IT, as well as managing new product development and product innovation.

Always excited about new developments within the Lead Forensics solution, Mark has worked extensively in the integration of technology, which is a huge focus for Lead Forensics moving forward.

Martyn Ryder is the VP of Sales & Marketing for MORPHEAN SA, Swiss-based Cloud security as a service platform. During his time at Morphean, the company has grown to be a major play in the European VSaaS market and is present in over 20 countries today. Morphean delivers cutting edge surveillance, access control and business intelligence solutions.

Before his role at Morphean, he held the position as Direct of Product & Solutions for Stanley Black & Deckers Security business where he was responsible for bringing new solutions and innovations to market with a focus on SaaS solutions.

Why SaaS vendors chose Panintelligence

  • "Panintelligence not only understood our challenges, worked with us to overcome them… but by being better value than Looker at 10-20% the cost, it was an easy decision to work with them!"
    Paul Thomas
    CEO, Lead Forensics 
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  • "Pan provide a simple to use but wide in scope web based BI tool. We find it flexible, comprehensive and it adds a lot of value and complements our incumbent in built reporting tools."
    Guy Burton
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  • "Panintelligence is an amazing tool to visualise our customers data and looks really clean and fresh."
    Neil Dibsdall
    Read More
  • "After 4 years looking for the right BI tool to work with Simitive SAAS solutions for Universities, we were lucky to find Pi. The functionality, cost and most of all the Pi Team and the company’s culture are exactly what we needed. I am happy to say that the experience so far has met all of our hopes and expectations for both the product and the company."
    Paul Sheppard
    MD, Simitive
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  • "It’s great how easy it is to use charts to display company data. The support team are really helpful, the developers are available for more indepth help Quick response times Great drill down ability on charts and graphs."
    Gary Bulter
    Cellular Solutions
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  • "The flexibility that the pi Dashboard and pi Reports solutions allowed for our own customisation purposes and that of our customers, made choosing Panintelligence an easy choice. This alongside the variety of deployment options reassured us that we’d made the best decision."
    Jon Parnell
    Minerva Computer Services
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  • "We needed a BI tool that we could white label, that was flexible and easy to use, as well as being competitively priced, and Panintelligence was a real showstopper in all those regards."
    David Owens
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panintelligence is a leader in Mid-Market Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Europe Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Small-Business Business Intelligence on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Mid-Market Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Europe Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Business Intelligence on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Mid-Market Business Intelligence on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Europe Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
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