Sara Price | Senior Marketing Manager | Inside Pi

Sam Baldwin
29 April 2021
Each month we introduce one of the Panintelligence team to get their take on what life is like inside (and outside) of a SaaS BI company. This month we hear from Sara Price - Senior Marketing Manager - who talks business and Bolton Abbey.

What do you enjoy about working in the BI sector?
The embedded analytics tool sector is such a fast-changing environment, and it’s amazing to see where the future is going. The topic of AI and the rise of the machines is such a contentious issue and it’s great to see other people's opinions.

What makes pi a good place to work?
Where do I start?! First of all it’s all about the people; I started during the pandemic and had only been into the office a couple of times before lockdown shut the office again but everyone is really friendly and helpful, so you already feel like you’ve made some good friends. We talk about it being a family, and it really is.

Secondly, they’re not afraid to try new things – great when you work in marketing! There’s a real “can-do” attitude and “let’s try it” – it could be the next big thing or it might not be, but there’s only one way to find out…

Outside of work – how do you spend your time?
As a busy single mum of an 11-year-old girl, I spend a lot of my time transporting her to ballet lessons, parties and after school activities – she has a better social life than me! But when I do have some “me” time, you can usually find me in the gym! But I have been known to sample cocktails in The Alchemist, get some retail therapy in Leeds, have a glam day out at The York Races, or a much needed pamper session at my beloved Therapy Rooms.

What advice would you give to people interested in working in the tech sector?
Read, read, read…the sector moves sooo fast! Before you know it it’s yesterday’s news and there’s a new hot topic. There are loads of communities and chat on social - for example, find a data science meet up – or listen to business intelligence podcasts. By talking and listening to people already in the industry you’ll find the best ways!

If you weren’t working for pi – what would you be doing?
Well of course I’d have won the lottery and be swanning around the Mediterranean on a yacht. But seriously I would have loved to have worked as a buyer for a fashion company. I love shopping, and to be able to get paid for shopping, now that would be just fabulous!

Sara Price at York Races

What’s your favourite place/thing about the Yorkshire area?
Being Yorkshire born and bred, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing; everything makes Yorkshire God’s own county! But I love the mix of being close to a bustling city like Leeds one way and in the depths of the countryside the other way. Bolton Abbey is one of my and my daughter's favourite places and it’s great for a summer picnic, winter walk and just to escape the rat race!

Bolton Abbey

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"There’s a real “can-do” and “let’s try it” attitude; it could be the next big thing or it might not be, but there’s only one way to find out…

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