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Users today want data-driven insight at their fingertips. All available on an easy-to-use interface that offers simple access to relevant data.

That’s where we come in…

Our solution seamlessly integrates into your application, giving you the power of BI with the look and feel of your product. Immerse reports and dashboards directly into your applications’ user interface.

We only work with SaaS vendors, so our solution is designed for your needs. Our secure cloud-based solution offers multi-tenancy, load balancing and brings together disparate data sources using a secure API.

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Embed single charts or the entire dashboard, you choose. Embedding charts into your dashboard is as easy as pi(e). Simply copy and paste the URL to embed the chosen chart into a page.


Offer your clients a seamless user experience with single sign on. Using machine learning, our system continuously and unobtrusively tracks customer activity to develop behavioural biometrics. This means your clients can access data faster whilst remaining secure.


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