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Sector: Fintech

Winn Solicitors

Winn Solicitors (part of Winn Group) is an award-winning legal practice specialising in personal injury claims, helping clients recover compensation following a non-fault accident. They are one of the leading claims management companies in the UK, handling a high volume of cases. Tracking KPIs is important across all aspects of the business.

Sector: Retailtech


Established in 1982, Flooid handles the sales operations for some of the world’s most complex grocery, specialty, fashion, and food and beverage retailers in their POS, self-checkout, mobile, eCommerce and social environments. In the UK they count their customers as Waitrose, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer and in the US, Walgreens.

Sector: Retailtech

White Label Loyalty

Powering marketing tools for businesses to engage, understand and retain customers, White Label Loyalty provides seamless and bespoke reward experiences for customers via its intuitive, cloud-based platform.

Sector: Retailtech


In partnership with EVERYANGLE, our Pi Dashboard has been selected to be used as part of an innovative, high-tech trial aimed at keeping shoppers safe and monitor in-store customer numbers, in real-time, a crucial requirement in these new challenging times as we adapt to a new way of business in post-COVID-19 times.

Sector: Fintech


ACI Worldwide is a specialist provider of fraud prevention and payments systems to the financial and retail global markets. Its product, ACI ReD Shield, is a real-time fraud prevention solution which is tailored to the needs of eCommerce merchants and payment service providers. It enables businesses to protect revenues, support growth, and enhance customer experience.

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