Case Studies

Delivering exceptional value

Learn how our tailored approach guides partners in taking the Pi dashboard and BI proposition from a concept or product to something that truly adds value for their customers.

A lot of our partners have really gone on a journey from seeing business intelligence as something that they add on to their solution as an additional product or service, to seeing it as an integrated part of the story.


Mondottica - Panintelligence for Sage Enduser

Winn Solicitors Legal Dashboard

Atrium dashboard reports over multiple systems in one place

Over 300 insurers access underwriting data in one place

Logistics reporting software on the go

Deploying Panintelligence over multiple business solutions

Fraud monitoring portal for merchants and retailers

Communisis "unleash the power of data with the Panintelligence dashboard"

2,500 schools use dashboard to monitor attendance and performance

Pupils, teachers and parents use dashboards to improve performance