Schools and higher education establishments are no strangers to data. Institutions require data to assess how they’re performing and where they can improve. But when this data is spread across multiple departments, buildings, or campuses, it can be difficult to maintain one view of the truth.
With pi, predict which students are likely to be late to class, who are the most likely to not complete their course, which courses are likely to be most popular, and which undersubscribed.

An education dashboard that doesn’t take a degree to learn

pi Dashboard doesn’t require any movement of your data or additional servers, it will easily integrate with your current technologies and is completely secure.
You get to control access rights on a user by user basis. Whichever part of the education sector your solution is for, your team can access and share data easily.

Analytics that provide more detail. For insights worthy of distinction.

Business intelligence software allows you to spot trends in data and act upon them; analytics goes one step further and allows you to predict future outcomes.
Your end users can use pi Analytics to better assess student performance. You can discover which students are most likely to become at-risk and stop engaging with the course they’re on. And with this insight, staff can act – they can focus their attention on the students most likely to require their time
“We invited Panintelligence to come and give us a demonstration. They installed the dashboard over Integris and within 10 minutes, they were showing us how to create charts using our own data. That really impressed us.”
Mark Thornhill
Integris MIS Product Manager, RM Education

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