Gain powerful analytics with minimal risk.

Our pricing module is designed around your business stage, so it adapts and grows with you. For your initial development and pilot phase, we offer a lowered rate to minimise risk and maximise ROI.

Our structure allows you to deliver industry-leading BI analytics without the high-cost burden.

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We win, when
you win.

Our pricing structure is scalable and in-tune with your growth stage.

Our pricing module is aligned with independent SaaS vendors style of growth. We understand that in those early days you’ll have a licence to build, pilot and open up your customer base without the concern of a high-cost application, only paying for what is used in the software.

Like for like

We can tailor our pricing to match your metric structure. So whatever metric you sell on, we can adapt our pricing to align with your commercials.

It’s built and moulded with you in mind.


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