Pi Analytics

Our fully browser-based analytical tool was first demonstrated at the Exact Hackathon, where we integrated it with Exact, to predict invoices that will go bad. It achieves this by first spotting characteristics and trends in historic data, and then by applying this logic to new data.

Pi Analytics allows you to quickly build a table containing the data you require. This data set will include the outcome, (what we want to measure); an example would be an indicator on the historic invoices which states whether the payment was made.

The data set also includes the characteristics, which is anything that influences the outcome. This could be customer type, previous payments, or customer sector, for example. The power behind Pi Analytics is that you can test as many outcomes and characteristics against each other very quickly.

Pi Analytics

What is Embedded Analytics?

Historically, business intelligence software allows users to get a clearer image of what’s happening in their business. Analytics goes one step further by telling customers why certain things are happening, to be able to inform future business decisions.

Pi Analytics can be embedded into your software just as easily as our business intelligence dashboards. We simply connect to data sources to show the data in the dashboards, and from there the analytics model can be applied over these data sets.

Our Embedded Analytics offering can be broken down into four main sections:



What is happening?



What is likely to happen?



Why is it happening?



What do I need to do?

How does Embedded Analytics work?

We use R as our statistical modelling tool. The user builds a table (a data frame in R), and we then pass the frame to R.

We ask R to build a regression model (decision tree) to predict outcomes using the fields we have supplied. R passes back the calculated decision tree, which we can then show in the dashboard.

Pi Analytics can supply the user with insights that were previously unavailable and likely unknown.

To give a real-world example of our analytical capabilities, in the education sector, it could be used to predict which students are most likely to show up late. In the healthcare sector, it could tell the user which people are likely to not attend their medical appointments. And in finance, it could predict which transactions are most likely to be fraudulent.

With Pi Analytics, the steep learning curve of using R has been removed, and the barrier to using these tools has been broken down. Powerful insights can be gained by every user in the business; they can build data frames graphically without using code, giving them a place to display decision trees without having to load them individually.

Analytics explained

Why embed Analytics?

Embedded analytics for business intelligence has gone from being a ‘nice to have’ feature, to a ‘must have’, as customers seek to do more with their data.

Opting to develop an analytics solution in-house means that your developers are no longer solely focused on the core product. Also consider how the solution would need updating and maintaining in the future, potentially leading you to hire a dedicated developer, or a small team.

Embedding our analytics solution for big data allows you to benefit from a platform that is fully GDPR-compliant, mobile-friendly, and enables users to connect to multiple data sources to show one view of the truth.

With Pi Analytics, you can rapidly launch a major product enhancement to offer your customers a marketing-leading business intelligence solution that will drive new revenues, wow audiences, and improve reporting.

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Should you decide to embed Panintelligence, you have the option of selling our easy-to-use analytics engine branded as Panintelligence, or white-labelled with your own branding.

White-labelling goes further than just changing logos, as you can design your dashboards with your company’s colours to look on-brand. This can easily be done through the user interface, with no coding required.

White-labelling Pi Analytics allows you to fully integrate our software with your own, allowing it to look completely native. This strengthens your proposition when selling it either on its own or combined with your other products.

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Embedded Analytics FAQs

Should you have any questions around our embedded analytics product, you’re able to find answers below. If we didn’t manage to answer your query here, you can get in touch with us to ask anything on your mind.

Analytical data models can be applied to data sets of any size. However, the more data you can supply, the more accurate the model will be. Essentially, the models will always tell you something (usually something you didn’t know) about your data.

Our big data analytics software is designed to be self-service, so it should feel intuitive to use. Creating a model is just as simple as setting up a table or a chart in our dashboard.

Business intelligence software brings together multiple sources of data, so they’re ready for analysis, and then provides reporting from a central viewpoint. Analytics goes a step further, to predict future outcomes of specific tasks, which can inform a decision or an action.

Building your analytics models can be done in our dashboard software, all through our user interface, so there’s no coding required. The only technical bit is setting up your data sources, but we have supportive consultants here, who can do that job for you!

Why partner with Panintelligence?

As we’re based in the UK, we can offer a personal service when integrating Pi Analytics with your existing application. We don’t sell to end users directly, so you’ll never meet us in the channel. We’re keen to create long-lasting partnerships with technology vendors to drive tangible ROI for your business.

  • UK-based development and support
  • Our partners drive the product roadmap
  • Secure RESTful API for data access
  • Scalable alongside your business
  • Easy-to-use interface and single sign-on
  • Industry-leading security
  • Mitigate risk through rigorous testing
  • We offer a no-risk proof of concept

Partner Options

We offer payment models and flexible commercial terms for our Pi Dashboard. Explore our current models below, or get in touch with us to discuss how we can tailor an arrangement to your business needs.

Development Partner

Development Partner

Allows you to evaluate and develop the product proposition for your customers.

You can deploy the software against all of your internal applications.

Benefit from heavily discounted consultancy rates, should you need help.

Access our full range of marketing materials to develop your market proposition.

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Reseller Partner

Reseller Partner

Sell Panintelligence as a standalone solution or help your other products sell faster.

We will train your team to become self-sufficient in implementation and support.

Get dashboards up and running against your customers data in a matter of hours.

Enhance the proposition of your product and earn great margins.

Why partner?
Enterprise Partner

Enterprise Partner

Choose the customer licensing and pricing model you're most comfortable with.

Revenue Share Partner: For a smaller annual licence fee, revenue is split 50/50.

Annual Enterprise Partner: For a higher annual licence fee, keep 100% of revenues.

With either partnership, benefit from our responsive and supportive team.

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Pricing Options

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Technology Partners in our community give their customers a marketing-leading analytics solution that drives real ROI for their businesses.

Pi Analytics is an affordable solution. Browse our existing pricing models below, or get in contact with us to request a quote that’s tailored to you.

Don’t just embed our dashboard, embed us

100% partner-focused

100% partner-focused

You won't be competing with us for end-user opportunities. We have a relationships-first approach and a responsive team.

Easy to embed and white-label

Easy to embed and white-label

Go to market in weeks with self-service reports and analytics. The software can be fully rebranded and is completely customisable.

Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate

Embed in the application and integrate with your API. The data can be hosted or on-premise.

Secure reporting

Secure reporting

Your data is securely stored at the source; no data is cached or stored on the client device. Embedded reporting offers audits and alerts.

Empower people to become their own data scientists

Data scientists are people whose job it is to mine complex, big data sets, to interpret statistics and inform business decisions. After all, if you’re collecting data, you need to glean insights from it. As their job is very specific, there aren’t too many data scientists around, which creates a problem for businesses wishing to analyse big data.

That’s where Pi Analytics comes in. Our analytics product empowers users to become data scientists, who can champion important decision-making tasks. It automates the whole process of discovering trends in big data, and allows users to map these characteristics over new data sets.

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Pi Analytics Demonstration
Pi Analytics Demonstration
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Embedded Analytics for Exact
Embedded Analytics for Exact
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Embedded Analytics is more than business intelligence. It’s an upgrade that makes customers’ data work harder for their gain. Get in touch with us to learn how easy Pi Analytics is to buy, set-up, and sell.