Embedded BI reporting solutions

Why embed Panintelligence?

We’re 100% partner focused and our dashboard is easy to use and easy to embed.

  • UK-based development and support
  • Our partners drive the product roadmap
  • Simple and secure API
  • Seamlessly embed any chart in your app
  • No data is held on the client device
  • Supports HTTPS and distributed deployment
  • Scalable and affordable solution
  • High user adoption and ROI
  • HTML5 fully responsive interface
  • Intuitive end user chart builder
  • Drill to data and launch web forms

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Don't just embed our dashboard, embed Us

100% partner-focused

You won't be competing with us for end-user opportunities. We have a relationships-first approach and a responsive team.

Easy to embed and white-label

Go to market in weeks with self-service reports and analytics. Fully rebranded and customisable.

Easy to integrate

Embed in app and installer. Integrate with your API. Hosted or on-premise.

Secure and GDPR-ready reporting

Data securely stored at source - fully GDPR-compliant. Auditing and KPI alert functionality. No data cached or stored on client device.

Embedded BI resources

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Embedded BI for Technology Partners

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Partner testimonials

Panintelligence has helped us grow our business. Pi enhances the EBS and Maytas product proposition. Embedding Pi gives us a competitive advantage in the education market.

The whole team is easily accessible. They help us with various pre-sales activities, ranging from customer days to onsite tailored demos and training in the Pi for Sage product.

Giving merchants a tool that allows them to slice and dice their own data has greatly reduced the number of queries distracting our risk team from fraud detection.

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