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Embedded BI with Panintelligence

Our Pi Dashboard is an innovative and ever-evolving embedded BI dashboard, that’s GDPR-ready and easy to set up. The dashboard can be used for reporting, analytical insight, KPI alerts, and more, and will seamlessly integrate with your existing technologies.

Pi Dashboard

Pi is a self-service BI dashboard that allows you to interact with your data anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We are not reliant on ETL and don’t move any of your data. No data is ever stored on local devices which means you can be sure you are partnering with a GDPR-ready vendor. We just connect to your database using a secure API that’s simple to set up.

Are you ready to discover how Pi is the ideal embedded BI solution for you?

Sectors we work in

Historically, we’ve had our roots in the Finance sector. We also have many partnerships with technology vendors in sectors such as healthcare, education, insurance, and manufacturing. No matter which sector you’re in, you can be sure that our embedded BI software meets the highest security standards and is easy to embed and quick to implement. Our Pi Dashboard can fill your embedded BI needs.

What is embedded BI?

Embedded BI (business intelligence) is an integrated collection of dashboards, analytics, and reports, which sits within a software application.

The information and data which is stored in the underlying database is displayed by a user interface that’s easy for anyone to use. Charts and tables make the data easier to understand and allow businesses to cut time spent on extracting and manipulating data as well as creating and sharing reports.

Technology vendors can use an embedded BI platform to easily deliver visual reports without having to build their own. Choosing to partner with a specialist in business intelligence allows vendors to focus on core product development and leverage the expertise of a third-party BI vendor to bring a valuable product enhancement to market in record time.

Why embed BI?

Companies that have large amounts of data to deal with struggle to do exactly that – deal with it. The challenge of big data is one which many businesses are still struggling with. We believe that business intelligence software and analytics is not just for large corporate companies but for every size of business.

By embedding BI, you’re making it easier to handle your data, slashing reporting times and enabling employees to access their data in an easy-to-digest format which allows them to gain business insight and make better business decisions.

We make it easy to partner with us by offering sales, marketing, and technical support as well as flexible commercial models. We believe in building ‘Remarkable Partnerships’ and work exclusively with our partner channel.

To help you on your business intelligence journey, we’ve put together an eBook that walks you through the five key questions to ask yourself when considering an embedded BI solution.

“Panintelligence has helped us grow our business. Pi enhances the EBS and Maytas product proposition. Embedding Pi gives us a competitive advantage in the education market.”

How does Embedded BI work and what are my options?

Our embedded BI dashboard works by integrating with your own software. To establish this, we connect to your data sources using a secure API. This means there’s no need for us to store any of your data, not even in the cloud, which means that we’re fully GDPR ready.

When choosing to embed our dashboard, you can opt to simply embed single charts and tables, or embed the whole dashboard. You can also choose to set up additional features like KPI alerts and predictive analytics, to enhance the level of insight the dashboard provides.

White-labelling our BI dashboard

When considering our Pi Dashboard as your embedded BI solution, you have the option of either selling it branded as Panintelligence or as a white-label solution which can be rebranded as your own.

You can change the colours of the various elements within the Pi Dashboard to match your own branding. Simply access the admin area, enter your brand’s HTML colour codes, and replicate them on your charts and graphs in the dashboard’s user interface.

White-labelling the dashboard allows you to seamlessly integrate our product with yours, which strengthens your proposition when pitching for business. We add the ‘WoW’ factor to any demo and often hear from our partners of how we enable sales of their solutions.

Embedded BI FAQs

When considering an embedded BI solution, it’s common to have questions in mind. We’ve compiled a list of all the ones we’re frequently asked.

Where does the data live?

The data stays in the original source database. We don’t move your data anywhere; instead, we connect to it. This means we’re fully GDPR compliant.

How is it integrated?

We work with your Development Team to achieve full integration in hours, with minimal code, and we integrate with your data sources using a simple and secure API.

What can I connect to?

You can connect to any source of data, whether it’s located on-premise or online. You can connect to a single data source or multiple data sources from any business system across your organisation.

How can I sell it?

With our embedded BI dashboard – Pi – you can either sell it branded as Panintelligence, or white-label it as your own, and sell it as part of your product.

How secure is it?

You can assign access rights and privileges to control how users view, share, and edit information right down to the individual database row level. Whatever users access in the dashboard is also fully auditable.

What licensing will I require?

For the dashboard licence itself, we have numerous pricing packages available. When you’re using the software, you can create multiple user licences, with different access rights for various staff roles.

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Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Technology Partners in our community give their customers a BI offering that is innovative, uses the latest technology, and adheres to compliance requirements.

Our embedded reporting tool is a very flexible commercial terms and models. Browse our pricing below.

Don't just embed our dashboard, embed us

100% Partner-focused

You won't be competing with us for end-user opportunities. We have a relationships-first approach and a responsive team.

Easy to embed and white-label

Go to market in weeks with self-service reports and analytics. The software can be fully rebranded and is completely customisable.

Easy to integrate

Embed in the application and integrate with your API. The data can be hosted or on-premise.

Secure and GDPR-ready reporting

Your data is securely stored at the source; no data is cached or stored on the client device. Embedded reporting offers audits and a KPI alert functionality.

Are you considering build vs. buy?

There are multiple embedded BI solutions in the marketplace at present, and thoroughly researching how each one may be the best fit for your business can be a lengthy task. Therefore, you may consider building your own embedded BI, analytics, and reporting platform in-house.

When considering this route, there are three main considerations to make before you decide to go ahead with the build:

Are you moving the focus away from your core product?

The time it takes to develop your own embedded BI solution usually diverts internal resources from core product development where their skills and expertise lies. Building your own solution can considerably lengthen the time it takes to bring a solution to market. We help you to bring a best of breed business intelligence and analytics solution to market in record time.

Have you factored in scalability?

It’s not just the initial build of the solution that will take up your developers’ time, it’s the on-going maintenance and improvements that are required to allow your BI solution to scale with the growth of your business and allow you to be responsive to changes in data regulations.

Are there hidden costs involved?

When researching your options, the upfront and on-going costs may not always be transparent. Have you considered whether you might need additional IT infrastructure, as well as more server and user licences in the future? Our solution does not require any additional licences or IT infrastructure.

Helpful embedded BI resources

Below, you’ll find a collection of resources that we hope will help you decide on the right embedded reporting and analytics solution for your business.

“The ease in which the dashboards can be created and integrated both from a developer and end user perspective meant Panintelligence ticked all the boxes."

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