Detect online and instore fraud, highlight at-risk loans, show performance against service level agreements or monitor financial KPIs. Critically, pi software can connect to multiple databases at source and display real-time data.

Panintelligence are specialists in the application of business intelligence in the banking industry. Our roots lie in the Finance Sector, it's testament to how secure our software is; and because we've already met the needs for the highest levels of security, we're GDPR-ready and PCI-compliant.
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KPI alerts and finance dashboards for performance monitoring

pi’s predictive analytics tool is great for reporting.
With data visualisation and KPI alert capabilities. You can build charts and graphs over the top of your data tables, directly through the user interface. pi also features a drill-down function, so you can click on a chart and explore the underlying data.
You can also configure the dashboard so that you receive automatic updates when you hit your pre-defined KPIs, or track too far below. KPIs can be set up as speedometer charts so you can see, at a glance, how the business is performing.

Predictive analytics reduces the risk in financial investment

Analytics can be applied in many different ways.
It could be used to predict possible future financial scenarios, then you can prescribe what action to take.

For example, it could be used to predict which invoices won’t get paid on time. This can be flagged to the user so they can take the appropriate action to ensure they’re paid as soon as possible. It’s that easy!

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The flexibility and speed with which the Panintelligence team respond to ReD’s needs is unmatched and has enabled true innovation to flourish. In the two years that ReD has been working with Panintelligence, ReD customers have seen real change and development at a pace that is unprecedented."
Jackie Barwell
ACI, Head of Products
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