The healthcare industry has always had to handle very large data, which is why many healthcare organizations are turning to business intelligence solutions to manage their operational efficiency and resource management.
pi Dashboard can easily help you understand the bigger picture of healthcare delivery to make better decisions. It can enable users to spot trends and drill down into the data to interrogate further.

A healthcare dashboard that keeps your data healthy

Professionals in the Healthcare Sector use our dashboard to access and share data. This reduces reporting times and creates a 360-view of the organisation. We don’t move any data to achieve this; we connect to your source database using our secure API.
It’s easy to report on critical KPIs, view exceptions, and automate reports to burst out to relevant users. Dashboards can be shared easily and securely, with role-based access ensuring data is securely stored to meet the new GDPR regulations.

Analytics that provide more detail. For insights worthy of x-ray vision

pi Dashboard is the ideal reporting tool for the Healthcare Industry; it integrates seamlessly with your current software to strengthen your proposition. As it’s been designed for users to self-serve their own data, it’s easy to set up and highly secure.
Intuitive and flexible Business Intelligence tools are a must-have add-on to any system in this day and age. As Panintelligence have an excellent solution and are very helpful and easy to work with, we decided to partner with them to enhance our product and to help our customers access important information through the real-time dashboard, see trends and drive benefits more quickly."
Nick Fernando
MD, Jayex Technology Ltd.

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