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into foresight.
pi’s powerful dashboard is a BI ninja. It’s easy to embed, makes white-labelling simple and pulls data from multiple systems and sources, all in real-time of course. Computing magazine liked it so much they gave it an award. Boom!
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Why pi?

Our self-service, embedded solution delivers a central location for your users’ data in an interactive dashboard, converting big data into usable insight.

pi centralises various sources of data and uses AI analytics and automation to make insight readily available, helping customers to leverage their data.

The dashboard can be completely customised for each client to give them the best possible experience, all without having to write a single line of code! Our solution offers a range of drag and drop features, so users can easily visualise all types of graphs and reports.

With our seamless deployment, you can offer an industry-leading BI tool in hours.
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"...remember that data can be monetised - not by selling it, but by enriching it, turning it into something meaningful and untapping insight that customers may not otherwise ever unlock. And in this respect, vendors are sitting on a goldmine." 
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Embedded analytics

Pull in data from any data warehouse or cloud database for business analytics dashboards, reporting, predictive analytics or all 3 with a single sign on, self-service, interactive interface for your customers.
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Speed to market

We know it’s time consuming for developers to build business analytics natively. With pi’s easy, one click cloud deployment, you can focus your dev time on your core offering to accelerate your own product roadmap and go to market faster.


Our origins can be traced back to the demanding requirements of financial services with a key focus on levels of security. We can match your multi tenancy and authentication with user, role-based restrictions, giving you complete control. And we never move data from source.

White label

Pi embeds directly into your software and is easily configured to match your product’s styling. It’s fully customisable so it looks and feels like part of your platform giving your customers a full end-to-end brand experience.
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Built by developers

Our business intelligence software moulds seamlessly around your existing data stack so you don’t need to change any of your existing infrastructure. We understand the need to reduce technical debt without the need to add extra data science resources.
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We work with customers as partners and an extension of their team. We spend the time to understand your requirements and work with you to ensure you get exactly what your customers need. Even after deployment you get dedicated customer success management to help you achieve ROI faster and get the most and get the most out of your business intelligence software.
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3-in-1 Analytics
Our 3-in-1 embedded solution delivers self-service dashboards, automated reporting and powerful predictive analytics.
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pi Reports
Our automated reporting function brings insights straight to the users. Our scheduling, alerting and notifications are triggered based on changes to data.
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pi Predicts
Transform your users into data scientists with our self-service no-code predictive analytics modelling.
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panintelligence is a leader in Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Mid-Market Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Europe Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Mid-Market Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Europe Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Analytics Platforms on G2
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panintelligence is a leader in Data Visualization on G2

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