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Transform your users into data scientists with our self-service predictive analytics modelling.

Our solution gives data meaning. Not only does the analysis give users relevant and accurate data, it provides the context behind it, so users can understand the meaning behind the patterns.

Give your users the insight they need to drive better decisions and improve performance.
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Why pi?

We give you the power to drive value from your data assets, to create high value insights for each of your clients from models built over the larger data set held in your platform.

Users have the ability to build predictive models over their own data and undergo simple model validations to give them the confidence that the insight provided is industry leading. 

Users will become confident in predicting outcomes on live data. The in-app modelling makes it easier for users to understand the important characteristics that are contributing to patterns or events. Taking this one step further, users can automate decisions and tasks based on predictions.
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"...remember that data can be monetised - not by selling it, but by enriching it, turning it into something meaningful and untapping insight that customers may not otherwise ever unlock. And in this respect, vendors are sitting on a goldmine." 
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pi Visualizes
Easily build over your own data and simply embed charts or entire dashboards into your app.
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pi Reports
Our automated reporting function brings insights straight to the users. Our scheduling, alerting and notifications are triggered based on changes to data.
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3-in-1 Analytics
Our 3-in-1 embedded solution delivers self-service dashboards, automated reporting and powerful predictive analytics.
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