Pi for Sage 200

Introducing Panintelligence for Sage 200

Pi for Sage is a business intelligence and analytics dashboard, which is pre-configured for Sage 50, Sage 200, and Sage CRM, and can also connect to Sage 1000 and Sage X3.

Don't start from scratch; buying in a pre-configured, proven solution will give you the quickest return on investment. Pi for Sage comes with a library of charts and pre-built data connections, so you can simply plug in and get started.

Our Sage Reporting Dashboards

Replacing individual, siloed reporting practices with a centralised reporting dashboard for Sage allows your users to self-serve their own information in a secure environment.
With everyone in the business looking at the same data, your customers can maintain a single version of the truth, with users’ access rights restricted to what they need to see and edit.

View a demo

If you’d like a personal whistle-stop tour of the dashboards, you can arrange a one-to-one demonstration of the product with one of our Sage Channel Account Managers or your Sage business partner. This environment gives you the opportunity to see exactly how the dashboard can work for Sage reporting within your business.

How do we integrate with Sage?

Panintelligence for Sage comes pre-configured, out of the box. When you purchase the software, you can access a pre-built library of charts, so you don’t have to build everything from scratch. This allows you to integrate and start reporting as soon as possible.

The software also has an existing data connection to Sage 200, Sage CRM, and Sage 50. Often, the toughest aspect of setting up new dashboards comes in establishing the connections themselves, but with Pi for Sage, we do the legwork for you.

Our Sage reporting dashboard can also connect to other systems you use within your business, so everyone can get their hands on the information they need.

How is Pi for Sage different to Excel reporting?

Growing companies often reach a point where Excel can no longer handle all their data and reporting requirements. These businesses often move to scalable software, which removes reliance on formulas and gets rid of the industry of Excel reporting that often exists when stakeholders in your business can’t get the data they need quickly.

It becomes more time-consuming to build reports in Excel as businesses grow. The more data you have, the more potential there is for error. With Panintelligence, everyone is reading the same live data; start trusting the data you’re viewing. You’ll never face the issue where your spreadsheets don’t add up.

With everyone in the business looking at the same live data, there is no need to extract data to manipulate it in Excel, or chase people for reports. Everyone who requires access can self-serve their own data with ease.

All your data is stored securely; we don’t need to move your data anywhere, just connect to it using our simple and secure API, making us fully GDPR-ready. It’s also possible to restrict the fields in Sage that certain users can access; our role-based security means you can lock down what employees can and can't see.

It gives us an added value as a business because it can integrate with so many other solutions not just the Sage market. As a partner it gives us a complete solution to offer. It means we can close the sale because we’re not having to look at disparate systems it all works as one solution.

Sage Reporting Dashboard: Key Features

Our Panintelligence for Sage dashboards have many features and benefits aimed at helping companies make reporting easier within their businesses.

Data Visualisation

One of the key features of Pi for Sage is its data visualisation capabilities. Lift your data out of tables and transform it into charts, graphs, and other manageable formats. When data is displayed in these formats, it becomes much easier to interpret information, leading to better decision-making and reduced reporting times.

KPI Alerts

The dashboard allows you to set KPIs, define thresholds in your data and then anybody in your business can get an automated alert which informs you if you hit your pre-defined targets, or track too far under.

As the data is shown in real-time, users can place a high degree of trust in what they see, allowing for business decisions to be made instantly.


Sage Reports: Drift vs. Not Bought Analysis

Two of the charts that come out of the box for Panintelligence for Sage are ideal for any business that holds or sells stock, whether it’s B2B or B2C. the Drift and Not Bought Analysis charts are designed to protect revenues and spot opportunities to increase revenues.

Drift Analysis

This chart type allows the user to filter by customer, displaying all the products they’ve ordered in the past, and what they’ve most recently ordered from you.

You can directly compare sales performance, month on month, of each product, ultimately being able to see which of your customers require encouragement to sell your products regularly.

Not Bought Analysis

The dashboard allows you to filter by analysis codes in Sage 200, and see which of your stock items aren’t selling. You can then take action and direct your Sales Team to sell these items, to make room for new stock for next season.

One of my customers is a supply and wholesale business, they use Pi to monitor supplier spend at each of their depots. They used to spend a day a week in pulling info together and distributing to different departments. That’s been completely eliminated, the data is just there.

Key benefits of our Pi for Sage Dashboard

Trust your data like never before

Pi for Sage shows real-time data which hasn’t been manipulated in Excel. It’s a single version of the truth for the whole business.

Use the dashboard on tablet and mobile

Enable your workers to access the data they need when in the field, without needing additional Sage licences.

Store all your data in one place

Connect to multiple companies in Sage 200 and other databases within your business.

Plug straight into Sage 200

The data connection comes pre-installed, so you can get started straight away.

How do businesses use the dashboard?

Our business model revolves around selling our Pi for Sage dashboard to Sage software resellers whose customers are from many different sectors and include manufacturers, retailers, service providers to name but a few.

They use the dashboard in many different ways. Getting visibility of data can change and enhance performance and give teams the data they need to do their jobs better. Often customers have our dashboards up on big screens around their offices, containing data that’s relevant to particular teams. This keeps teams on track and gives the whole business a holistic view of performance.

Team meetings are better when everyone can share the same view of the data. Dashboards allow data to be shared easily and as the data shown is in real-time and is connected to all databases in the business, it contains everything that’s required, right at the user’s fingertips.

Helpful Product Resources

We have a dedicated Partner Resources section of our website, where you can discover and download Sage resources for you and your customers.

It allows us to sell the software quicker and better, and also demonstrate much more easily the benefits of using Sage 200 in conjunction with Panintelligence.

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We have relationships with over 70 Sage resellers, who successfully sell our software into their customer base to generate profit for all involved.