Why choose Pi Analytics?

With Pi Analytics, you can automatically discover data using machine learning. It’s possible to slice and dice your data sets to try to determine the most important characteristics.

By upgrading from business intelligence to analytics software, it becomes much easier to find the most important characteristics contributing to patterns and events in your data.

Pi Analytics can encourage real-world change. For example, the module was used to help hospitals learn why x-rays had to be retaken on occasion, which costs the hospitals more money, wastes time, and subjects the patients to a double dose of radiation.

Armed with this data, it’s possible to reduce the number of times x-rays have to be redone.

No matter what size your data set is, Pi Analytics can always tell you something new. Download our factsheet to learn a bit more about how our predictive analytics module could work for you in your industry.

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Why choose Pi Analytics?

Real-world use cases

We partner with other software vendors to allow them to provide their users with data insights that were previously undiscovered and unknown. We have partners in various sectors, including Manufacturing, Logistics, and Local Government.

Real-world use cases

Pi Analytics in Education

Our predictive analytics module can help schools and colleges identify why certain students are likely to stop engaging with their course. By identifying these potential students at risk, staff can focus their efforts on these students to attempt to help them.

Education Analytics

Pi Analytics in Healthcare

In Healthcare, our software could identify which people are most likely to miss their medical appointments. Armed with this information, staff can contact the people that Pi Analytics has identified, and staff can touch base or send tailored appointment reminders.

Healthcare Analytics

How does Pi Analytics work?

We use R as our statistical modelling tool. The user builds a table (a data frame in R), and we then pass the frame to R.

We ask R to build a decision tree (which is also called a regression model) to predict outcomes using the fields we have supplied. R passes back the calculated decision tree, which we can then show in the dashboard.

Interpreting the model

The model is laid out as a Sankey diagram. Users will be able to see the amount of data they started with, and how that data has been split by the model. The splits are determined by whichever characteristics the user chose from their data when they first built their model.

By following the model down, users can determine the most important subsets of data relevant to their original query (what they’re wanting to discover).

Each element of the Sankey is labelled with a row identifier and a percentage, to allow the user to figure out how impactful each subset is.

How does Pi Analytics work?

How to get Pi Analytics

Pi Analytics – our predictive analytics software – is available as an additional module to our Pi Dashboard. We have various pricing models for our software which suit software partners wanting to either resell Panintelligence or embed our software into their own.

Development Partner

Development Partner

Allows you to evaluate and develop the product proposition for your customers.

You can deploy the software against all your internal applications.

Benefit from heavily discounted consultancy rates, should you need help.

Access our full range of marketing materials to develop your market proposition.

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Reseller Partner

Reseller Partner

Sell Panintelligence as a standalone solution or help other products sell faster.

We will train your team to become self-sufficient in implementation and support.

Get dashboards up and running against your customers data in a matter of hours.

Enhance your proposition and earn great margins.

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Enterprise Partner

Enterprise Partner

Choose the customer licensing and pricing model you're most comfortable with.

Revenue Share Partner: For a smaller annual licence fee, revenue is split 50/50.

Annual Enterprise Partner: For a higher annual licence fee, keep 100% of revenues.

With either partnership, benefit from our responsive and supportive team.

Why partner?

Why partner with Panintelligence?

We’re a UK-based software developer who offers a personal, face-to-face service to help our partners integrate and sell our products. We support our partners by forming long-term remarkable partnerships that deliver real ROI.

  • UK-based support
  • Help to drive our products forward
  • Market-leading Analytics
  • Scalable software
  • Industry-leading security
  • White-label Pi Analytics as your own

Analytics FAQs

Feel free to ask us anything you like about our predictive analytics module. If your question isn’t listed below, feel free to drop us a line!

Creating a model in Pi Analytics is just as easy as creating any other chart or graph in our dashboards. It’s intuitive and user friendly, while there’s full training available to partners.

Pi Analytics can be used over any data set, no matter how large or small. However, users will always be able to build better – and more trustworthy models  with bigger data sets.

No, the Pi Dashboard (as well as our analytics module) is designed to be thoroughly self-service. It empowers non-technical people to become their own data scientists.

Business intelligence can bring together reporting from multiple teams and databases to give users a clear picture of what’s going on within their business. Analytics goes a step further to diagnose why certain things are happening and how they can be remedied.

Why choose Panintelligence?

We’re 100% partner-focused

We’re 100% partner-focused

We only go to market through our partners, so you’ll never be competing against us for end user opportunities.

Easy to white label

Easy to white label

Put your logo on our analytics software and add your brand colours to fully integrate us with your core product.

Go to market in a matter of weeks

Go to market in a matter of weeks

We’ll support you to get up and running in no time to add a market-leading analytics product to your platform.

Flexible commercials

Flexible commercials

Don’t see a partner model that works for you? We’re always happy to tailor prices to match your budgets.

Explore Panintelligence Analytics further

Analytics Factsheet
Analytics Factsheet
Predictive analytics: An essential tool or an unaffordable luxury?
Predictive analytics: An essential tool or an unaffordable luxury?
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