Rapid deployment

Plug and play, cloud deployment.

pi is built to simplify complex data, it's also simple to install.
With no code Integration, you can install, hook up to a cloud database and be analysing data within minutes.
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Accelerate your roadmap.

Meet your user's demands quickly with no-code BI and analytics solution, whilst keeping your developer resource focussed on your core application.
  • 1-click configuration. install in minutes
  • Plug and play BI and analytics. Get up and running in days, not months
  • No code solution. Remove development time
  • Operating system agnostic. Deploy to AWS, Azure and Google cloud
  • Cloud-native. No install required on client machines
  • No need to move or replicate data
  • Seamless integration with Databases, Snowflake, Redshift, Apache Drill and many more...

Increase revenue opportunities.

Give customers real-time insights that are reliable and drive value by connecting multiple sources of data. pi will transform your platform opening up infinite possibilities for your users and increasing your revenue opportunities.

We'll get you to market fast and hassle-free, so you can start generating ROI sooner.
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Priced to your needs

We are a SaaS, so understand the growth journey you're on. Our pricing can support that growth.
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Choose your flavour

pi is white-label BI and completely customisable to look like yours or your customer's brand.

Built for devs

We've been refining pi for over 10 years. You'll be glad to know we're with you for the long haul.
At the heart of our partnership is a clear understanding of the value that each party brings and that the main players on both sides are like minded professionals with shared values and a desire to succeed in a competitive market space.
Nigel James, Sales Manager FE, The Tribal Group

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