Document Logistix Becomes Panintelligence OEM Partner

We’re delighted to announce that Document Logistix is our latest reseller partner to move to further embedding and integrating the Panintelligence solution with their own solution.

Having worked in partnership with Panintelligence for the last three years, Document Logistix have seen the value that the Panintelligence solution delivers to end users in visualizing document management processes and workflow and will now deploy the Panintelligence reporting and dashboard solution as part of their standard product.

Tim Cowell, Technical Director at Document Logistix commented: 'The Panintelligence product is a great fit for Document Manager, both from a technology perspective and the added value it gives our customers providing clear visibility of their document processes, workloads and KPIs. At a glance you can see how well your processes are performing, how they trend over time, and be alerted to KPIs before they become an issue. Once you’ve seen it you cannot possibly live without it. There are few software products I get excited about but this is definitely one of them."

We’re looking forward to building on current success with Document Logistix.

Written by Charlotte

Charlotte is the Operations Director at Panintelligence. She works on planning and executing our software projects, helping us improve efficiencies and reach new heights.