Document Logistix joins forces with Panintelligence

document logistix business intelligence partnership

Document Logistix is a leading provider of document management software in the UK. Their software helps businesses improve digital document management and increase their productivity, speed and accuracy by ensuring individuals always have access to the latest information. One of their core aims is to help customers manage large volumes of documents across multiple departments.

To help their customers manage complexity even better, Document Logistix have partnered with Panintelligence to deliver their business intelligence dashboard. The interactive browser based application provides a clear top-level view of all data in a business, via a customised series of interactive charts and graphs.

The dashboard gives decision makers immediate access to data from across the business, which can be accessed any time and anywhere, via a web browser or mobile device. Tim Cowell, Document Logistix CIO, said of the new opportunity, “The dashboard intelligence helps decision makers to make faster, better informed decisions, which is one of the key drivers for our customers who want to harness and manage the critical information contained in digital and paper-based documents.”

Mike Cripps, from Panintelligence added “The dashboard is currently being used in several industries in which Document Logistix also has a strong track record. Document Logistix customers will now have the opportunity to further improve their efficiency and productivity by using the dashboard to help them manage large amounts of data and quickly access key information.”

Written by Zandra

Zandra is the co-founder and CEO of Panintelligence. She not only drives the product and the Sales Team forward but is also instrumental in evolving the innovative culture of Panintelligence. When Zandra isn’t in the office she can be found with her family, as well as painting, running, and leading her Leeds Lean in Ladies Circle. Basically, she never stops.

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