OCF DATA makes self-service business intelligence and data analytics centre-stage

We’re delighted to add OCF DATA to our partner community. Yesterday, the team from OCF DATA visited us for our kick-off session at Panintelligence to share ideas and explore how we can work together.

OCF enables high-performance computing, storage and data analytics, and has over a decade of experience in managing large-scale data challenges.

Zandra, Sales and Marketing Director at Panintelligence commented, “We are delighted to welcome OCF into the Panintelligence partner community. OCF is a strategic adviser and data consultancy business, working in some of our core markets. We look forward to working together to drive the pace of change in these sectors by improving outcomes through self-service data analysis.”

Cliff Brereton, Director at OCF Data, commented, “A number of OCF DATA’s clients are getting started in their data journey. Panintelligence puts data analytics at their fingertips, offering a multi-dimensional view of their business, anywhere, any time, and on any device. Being able to make better decisions to improve business performance is the key goal of our clients and one which we know our new partnership can deliver to them.”

OCF DATA is providing expertise to universities, healthcare, and manufacturing organisations. A recent OCF DATA solution has enabled healthcare company IRS Limited to automate most of the cleansing and ingestion of client datasets, reducing the need for manual intervention.

In addition, they apply powerful analytics to radiology patient-dose data, and generate both standard and bespoke reports to help clients demonstrate compliance and reduce variance. The automated processing of a single client’s audit data has reduced their workload from around three days per audit to no more than two hours – a time saving of 92 per cent.

For the manufacturing sector, we discussed how Industry 4.0 and digitisation will transform how businesses of any size design, make, and distribute their products. Collecting, managing, and analysing data is essential for manufacturers of all sizes to make this transformation and remain competitive, not just the large tier one companies.

Manufacturers who exploit data and analytics well, will understand their customer needs better and design better products to meet those needs, improve quality, and reduce waste, make savings in the supply chain, and enjoy more machine uptime through predictive and preventative maintenance.

The team at Panintelligence is looking forward to attending MACH2018 in April 2018, which is the UK’s leading manufacturing technologies event, and showcasing the Panintelligence business intelligence dashboards and analytics alongside OCF DATA.

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