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Panintelligence and the LEP

We recently met with the team at Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, who work with Digital and Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing companies to discover how they can support businesses in the region.

Who are the LEP?

Within the manufacturing sector, the LEP provides support aimed at unlocking the potential of Industry 4.0 and the digitisation of the manufacturing base in the Leeds City Region.

The combination of the wealth of manufacturers in the region and the burgeoning digital sector means that Leeds is extremely well-placed to seize the opportunities of 4IR.

Business Benefits

There is a wealth of support available through the LEP in the form of grants and loans, as well as support with skills and training. There are also packages of support available to businesses to develop new products and processes, leveraging the expertise of relevant research organisations.

Digitisation is no longer the domain of large technology businesses and enterprises with access to sizeable budgets.

Against a backdrop of increasing global competitive pressure, small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses can access help and support from the LEP. They can leverage funding and expertise, and can connect with digital partners in the region.

BI and Analytics for Manufacturing companies

Panintelligence is an SME who aims to put easy-to-use, self-service business intelligence and analytics tools – which were once the domain of data scientists – in the hands of anyone at the coalface in manufacturing organisations.

Self-service analytics tools do not require the costly and scarce skills of data scientists. They can be easily understood and accessed by those with the domain knowledge in the business who can use the insights from data to improve products and processes.

This allows them to turn data assets into valuable competitive advantage through efficiency and productivity gains.

Our BI dashboards are already helping manufacturers leverage value from their financial data through easy access to real-time data on sales, stock, and purchases.

Aside from the finance office, there are many more areas of manufacturing that could benefit: on the shop-floor in warehouses and across the supply chain, for example, which stand to gain by leveraging data insights. The opportunities to connect different data sources are endless.

Many businesses are just at the start of their journey in understanding how they can derive value from this wealth of untapped data, derived from sensors and the IoT across the factory floor and the wider supply chain.

The future holds vast potential for SMEs who, by exploiting their data assets, will be able to identify the changes they can make to products and processes, to run more efficiently and compete effectively against global competitors.

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