Embedded BI

Application chaining in business intelligence

If your company believes business intelligence (BI) culminates in data analysis and subsequent informed decision-making then you may be missing a trick. Demand more from your BI with the application chaining capability of the Panintelligence business intelligence dashboard.

Most companies view business intelligence as the culmination of integrating their data, with information coming from one or more sources, being fed into the business intelligence application, and then being utilised to support strategic business decisions.

However, Panintelligence believes that BI reporting and data analysis should go much further, which is exactly what the Panintelligence business dashboard does with its application chaining capability.

How application chaining works

The Panintelligence dashboard’s ability to chain between applications allows the BI application to become part of the decision-making process itself, helping to break down barriers between BI and other software.

Once the business intelligence software from Panintelligence has interpreted your data into an easy to read chart-based format, it allows you to quickly and easily send that data on to other people in a preferred format (print, email, PDF) or drill out from the dashboard directly into other software applications.

Application chaining examples

For instance, if the dashboard was being used on an IT helpdesk and the call ended with an error message, you could then click on the error message and it would launch another application (e.g. a Google search page or a specific web page for IT errors), to give the person on the helpdesk more in-depth information about what the error means.

Alternatively, the dashboard could chain out into the HR system, or payroll, or indeed any other system of relevance. With the Panintelligence dashboard’s application chaining capability, interpreting the data in the dashboard is not the end, as is the case with some BI reporting tools.

There is also no need to close down the BI software, open another application and work with the data from there. By simply clicking on data in a chart, the dashboard will chain out and open an instance of the other software on the relevant page. With the Panintelligence dashboard, you can simply and swiftly move between applications, unleashing the true power of the business intelligence data.

Written by Charlotte

Charlotte is the Operations Director at Panintelligence. She works on planning and executing our software projects, helping us improve efficiencies and reach new heights.