Industry Insights

Panintelligence joins Huddersfield University’s Digital Enablers Network

Last week, three members of our team – Zandra, Ken, and Ellen – paid a visit to Huddersfield University, and met with James Devitt (University-Industry Programme Manager) and Richard Hill (Director of the Centre for Industrial Analytics).

The university-owned 3M Buckley Innovation Centre is a space for research projects on the internet of things and precision engineering. For example, conducting research on specific measuring equipment in manufacturing, which is used to create the likes of aircraft parts.

The centre is the northern base for the NPL (The National Physical Laboratory). The NPL is the UK's National Measurement Institute, and is at the forefront of developing the most accurate science, technology, and measurement standards available.

Its focus is on developing niche solutions relevant to the internet of things, examining ‘if this then that’ scenarios, where data is collected from sensors to be analysed. This information can ultimately be used to predict outcomes and trigger actions.

Digital Enablers Network

The Digital Enablers Network was created by Huddersfield University, and consists of themselves, software companies, and manufacturing businesses. All three types of business / institution bring their own strengths to the collaboration:

Huddersfield University: Has the research facilities, and highly intellectual and capable staff.
Software companies: Have the technology to bring this research to life.
Manufacturing businesses: Have the need for data-driven insights to move their businesses forward.

By being part of this network, we can establish a closer working relationship with the centre and the small, high-tech businesses that are stationed there.

The 3M Buckley Innovation Centre can be regarded as a centre of excellence for analytics and ergonomics, with the admirable goal of driving insight into government policies.

Benefits for Panintelligence

Our CEO, Zandra, is an alumnus of Huddersfield University, after graduating in 1999 with a 1st Class Degree in Business Studies. Other notable graduates of Huddersfield University include Karen Spärck Jones, a pioneer in information retrieval and natural language processing.

With the connection between the institution and Zandra having been long established, we were keen to build on this relationship and support the university in their research.

The Manufacturing Industry is a key sector to Panintelligence, as the predictive analytics capability of our product lends itself perfectly to analysing sensor data and generating insights. And as the technology is all so new, research centres like Huddersfield University’s 3M Buckley will be vital in improving efficiency in the future.

Through this visit, we were ultimately able to strengthen our relationship with the university and make new connections within the Manufacturing Sector.