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Panintelligence joins techUK committee driving use of ‘Data for good’

The use of ‘data for good’, data ethics, and how AI and analytics can be used to deliver positive outcomes are important topics for all of us, as individuals, for our business and our customers.

Data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to become significant drivers of change. To realise the full economic and social benefits of data analytics and AI, it is important to increase adoption, deployment, and use of data analytics and AI across all industries and sectors. There is a vast potential for using ‘data for good’.

Panintelligence is delighted to announce that Zandra Moore, CEO, and Ken Miller, Product Director, have been selected to join the techUK Data Analytics and AI Leadership committee and be a part of the conversation around how to drive adoption of AI and Analytics, using ‘data for good’ and developing good data ethics.

The techUK advisory committee is made up of data and analytics experts who will identify key opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed to encourage data-driven change across both the public and private sectors.

The committee also contributes to the development of government guidelines to help regulate how data is used to realise the full economic and social potential of AI.

Using data and AI responsibly

Despite recent high-profile cases such as Cambridge Analytica in the news, it’s important to recognise the overwhelming benefits of using data and AI responsibly. Within this context, ‘Data Ethics’ is an important topic to be debated so that businesses and consumers alike have a clear understanding of the principles that should guide the use of data.

AI’s potential is already well known: by one estimate it will add £232 billion to the UK economy by 2030. The UK is a recognised world leader in developing AI with globally renowned companies founded here.

The government and the AI sector have already agreed a deal which supports growing the artificial intelligence industry in the UK with the aim of boosting the UK’s global position as a leader in the development of AI technologies.

This week’s publication of the House of Lords reports: ‘AI in the UK: Ready, Willing, and Able?’. This is an important step forward in outlining current thinking on how businesses with responsibility for Analytics and AI can ‘do the right thing’.

It outlines five key principles on the importance of ensuring human needs and values remain at the core of technological innovation.

As a business, Panintelligence is well-placed to contribute its experience of how data analytics is providing learnings and being used to improve outcomes in Healthcare, Education and Housing settings, as well as to improve and enable better decisions across diverse businesses in the private sector including Manufacturing, Financial Services, and Insurance.