Panintelligence win Tech Innovation of the Year at the Leeds Digital Festival Awards

We were absolutely delighted and flattered to be crowned Tech Innovation of the Year at the Leeds Digital Festival Awards on the 30th April 2019!

It was a great honour to have been shortlisted for two awards; we were finalists for Tech Employer of the Year in addition to the one we won.

We’re also very proud to be part of the strong digital community in Leeds and we love forming new relationships with local people and businesses.


Recognition for Pi Analytics

The Tech Innovation Award win recognised the importance of our differentiating predictive analytics module – Pi Analytics.

It was fully launched at the start of this year with the intention of placing easy-to-use data analytics tools in the hands of people who may not have strong technical skills but, know their companies and customers better than anyone else – making them best placed to interpret the data.

It’s quick for users to build an analytical model, and users can just as easily rebuild the model with additional characteristics or after removing characteristics they want to omit. The results are shown in familiar Sankey diagrams.

Armed with Pi Analytics, important decisions can be backed by data. It automates the whole process of discovering trends and allows users to map these characteristics over new data sets.

Future innovation in Pi Analytics

We may have won the Innovation of the Year award, but that doesn’t mean we’re sitting still! In fact, we’re striving to improve Pi Analytics every day.

Pi Analytics is already driving real-world change in important industries, but the innovation of our product could be beneficial to any business or industry that adopts data analytics. For example, the module can be used in healthcare to help hospitals learn why x-rays have to be retaken on occasion, which costs the hospitals more money, wastes time, and subjects the patients to a double dose of radiation.

In education, it could determine which students are likely to drop out of college or university, and in HR, Pi Analytics can help staff to understand the most important factors in retaining employees.

Our future development for our predictive analytics module is to help users to prescribe the actions they should take based on the important trends that are discovered.

This includes the capability within Pi Analytics to do automated decisioning (IFTTT – If This Then That). It will allow users to set criteria which, when identified in the data, will trigger a pre-defined activity or workflow.