Partner Announcement: Morning Data

We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Morning Data, a leading supplier of software and service solutions for the global insurance industry. This award-winning business enjoys a long and rich history in the insurance industry and we’re delighted to be able to build on current partnerships within the insurance sector and share our BI expertise to support Morning Data and their clients.

Kirstin Duffield, MD at Morning Data, described how Panintelligence will make data even more accessible to their users on NOVUS by bridging the gap between the complexity of systems to a consumable simplicity of information.

“Not only do our clients want informative and intelligent insights into their business performance, but also the market is changing in terms of Tech at the fastest rate ever seen. A back-office system is the essential single version of the truth for any insurance organisation, whilst at the same time being the hub to many multi-dimensional data sources.

Our clients expect access to these insights at any time and on any device. We recognised the need to simplify the way data is consumed by our clients and so we are delighted to be working closely with the Panintelligence team to provide a complete solution to our clients that provides consumable data on their device of choice.”

The Panintelligence dashboards will allow anybody in a business to see meaningful data on a mobile or a desktop device in a very visual way. Even users with no technical skills at all will be able to access and explore data with some simple tools which allow them to drill-down into data, to filter and delve into a business issue.

Pre-configured dashboards can be designed to meet the needs of any stakeholder in the business as well as their teams so that customers can self-serve data easily and get the business insights they need to improve performance and customer service.

Zandra Moore, CEO at Panintelligence commented, “The days when businesses had the luxury of large IT departments providing centralised reporting are long gone. Business users want to self-serve data and they want data which is relevant to them. Dashboards make data easily digestible and speed up decision-making.

We’ve a wealth of use cases within the insurance sector where BI dashboards have already delivered fantastic benefits transforming processes, relationships and performance. We’re looking forward to working closely with the team at Morning Data on their journey.”

We’re also equally delighted that we share a passion for recognising and supporting women in tech. Kirstin Duffield, MD at Morning Data, has been recognised by multiple organisations for her proactive, innovative, inclusive, client-focused operations and was voted as one of the ‘Most Influential Women in UK Tech’, in 2017, while Zandra Moore, CEO at Panintelligence was recently awarded CEO of the year in The English Women’s Awards (North) 2018 and founded and manages the Leeds based LeanIn group for women in leadership with more than 250 members.

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