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Personalising your business intelligence application

Although the importance of having an effective business intelligence application is apparent, some businesses worry about the flexibility of their chosen solution and its ability to match their requirements, making the most of their investment.

Other valid concerns include restriction of data, where information is only available to a select few, and the ease with which a solution can be modified, keeping it relevant and in-line with changing requirements. These can act as barriers for organisations considering an investment in business intelligence as it can seem like a complex and intimidating process.

The Panintelligence dashboard has a range of customisation options which allow organisations to share data quickly and easily within the business, and customise the dashboard, making charts relevant to the individual. Users across an organisation will have very different needs and having an identical dashboard for all of them is not sufficient.

Relevant data

If a user feels overwhelmed by huge amounts of data, then they are less likely to use the business intelligence application. This greatly increases the importance of having an easy to use, understandable and intuitive solution that has relevance to them as an individual.

The Panintelligence business intelligence application can be customised so that each user can only see charts that are pertinent to their section of the business, and it also has the ability to control how charts are displayed. Two users can view the same chart, but because of restrictions on their user profile, they will be presented with a different view of the data.

Business intelligence users want to be presented with data that is relevant to them, quickly and cleanly summarised, and the Panintelligence business intelligence solution delivers.

Customisation and user security

Combined with a number of different user levels, the Panintelligence business intelligence application allows an organisation to cost effectively share charts, tables and default layouts with all areas of the business. Advanced users can create content and push it out to others users with limited access, allowing them to simply log in and interact with charts relevant to their needs.

This means that new users can be trained on the dashboard in a few minutes and start benefiting from it immediately. Some business intelligence applications are very complex to set up and can take a long time to configure. Making changes can be a difficult, lengthy and challenging task which requires support from an IT or technical department.

The Panintelligence dashboard is focused on the user’s experience and its self-service approach means they can make changes without any technical or programming knowledge. The drag and drop intuitive interface makes it quick and easy to modify charts, which helps keep the dashboard useful and relevant.

Written by Ken