Software Partner Event 2017: Roundup

In late November, we welcomed 30 of our partners, from more than 20 businesses we work with, to spend a day inputting thoughts and theories into the product, as we look to take our business intelligence software to new heights in 2018.

The day kicked off at around 9:30am, giving our partners ample time for travel and an initial coffee to get those creative thoughts flowing. With several talks – and a few more coffee breaks – leading us into the afternoon, we ended with a workshop where we encouraged our partners to get hands-on with our product’s newest features.

Kicking things off

The first person at the podium was our Development Manager, Steve, who gave a welcome address, and duly handed things over to Ming, our Frontend Architect.

Ming brought back welcome memories from last year’s event by highlighting the main thoughts and feelings our partners had back then. He then demonstrated how we’d taken this feedback and worked it into the product to create a better experience for all our users.

We also had several other members of our Development and Testing teams take to the floor – including Tiago, Kieran, and Adil, who all presented their work with confidence, despite not being regular speakers.

Neil then brought the first session to a close, reassuring our partners by informing them of the product’s high-security levels.

Back to the coffee.

The second session

Next, we welcomed Stephen Gardner from Tribal Group, who showcased a full-scale integration of Panintelligence, before handing over to our own Ken Miller, who invited everyone in the room to contribute to our product roadmap – which is very valuable to us.

Post-lunch presentations

After we had all refuelled, Luca Zanotti from Scan Coin delivered a presentation on how they had integrated Panintelligence; you can watch the case study here.
Then we really put our partners to work.

To get a consensus on our core product focuses for next year, we gave everyone five poker chips and asked them to place them on their most-wanted features. The most popular focuses were:

From there, we split into three groups and gathered ideas on how our partners’ most wanted features could be brought to life.

Just before the last coffee break of the day, Zandra invited the room to engage in a conversation around Analytics – a functionality we’re all very excited about.

If you’d like to learn more about Pi Analytics, please watch this video, or get in touch to request more information.

Wrapping things up

Our Software Test Manager, Lucky, talked everyone through how we rigorously test our business intelligence software. If you weren’t here on the day, you can read Lucky’s blog post here.

We closed the day with an interactive feedback session where we gave our partners mobile devices and let them loose with two new features: the Edit Chart Screen and the Edit Schedule Screen.


And did we mention that the person with the best Tweets on the day took home a brand-new Amazon Echo?

Well, the honour went to Mike Fisher of Tribal Group. Congratulations from Panintelligence!

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