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Testing our business intelligence software

Written by Lucky Ali, Test Manager at Panintelligence

What is testing?

Testing is an investigation carried out to understand the quality of a product. It is a method used to learn about the faults in a piece of software.

Test coverage

Here at Panintelligence, we take testing seriously and we put our dashboard through a rigorous testing process. Our process contains an array of test types including functional testing, regression testing, security testing, as well as a regular penetration test carried out by third party security specialists. We also conduct tests around the API and carry out alpha testing against our customer environments.

To ensure compatibility, all our tests are carried out in a diverse set of environments; these environments are all completely isolated to prevent any cross contamination.

Correspondingly, this covers multi-browser testing and provides the capacity to test on a multitude of operating systems primarily focusing on Windows and Linux. Hundreds of our tests are run daily to ensure our software is working as expected.

Everything is automated

Automation is a large portion of our strategy and so naturally all our tests are automated. Automation combines the man and the machine, which eliminates repetition and speeds up the work, ultimately creating automatic reports and summaries for review. This vastly increases our test coverage; it improves the accuracy of our tests and gives both us and our customers confidence in the software.

Our test method

We have heavily invested in our approach for an entirely agile development process built around continuous integration and a very extensive automation test suite. This allows us to speed up our development process while minimising the risk of critical issues in production. Our current method is increasingly giving us more confidence and we are aiming to deliver quality product enhancements at any time, rather than having the traditional yearly ceremonial update.

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