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The merits of embedding business intelligence

Some organisations purchase a business intelligence solution for internal use and others deliver a BI dashboard to their customers. Panintelligence affords another possibility: delivering a BI element to customers as part of an existing software offering as a value added service; embedding business intelligence software. Some customers may only need to focus on a few KPIs, and a full business intelligence dashboard could be overwhelming.

In today’s economic climate, businesses are scrutinising expenditure and their suppliers very carefully. The ability to deliver BI as part of an existing service, with a few interactive charts, could make all the difference when it comes to renewing contracts.

Benefits to you

The addition of a business analytics module to a software company’s product suite has a number of advantages including greater ease of selling a core product and enhanced levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, all of which boosts relations with existing customers.

As the volume of data increases in all organisations, customers are also likely to demand more powerful insight into your performance. Such demands may come from your most valued and sophisticated customers, as business intelligence is becoming more pervasive in the business environment.

The ability to deliver BI, with interactive charts for ad-hoc reporting and provide access to historical data, are just some of the powerful capabilities of the Panintelligence dashboard.

Benefits for your customers

Although the capability of embedding business intelligence into existing applications has existed for some time, the increased need for customers to have a sophisticated understanding of their corporate data seems to have driven a greater rate of BI adoption.

With such a potential deluge of data to sift through, organisations increasingly appreciate quicker means of harnessing genuinely actionable information. Having analytics available within familiar applications also eradicates the need for staff to be trained in the use of new software, while still allowing companies to make better decisions from their data.

Written by Ken

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