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Mondottica Case Study

Mondottica design frames for leading brands in the eyewear industry such as Ted Baker, Converse and Cath Kidston and engage global partners to produce their product ranges for optician groups such as Vision Express, Boots and Specsavers as well as independent opticians.

They spent lots of time accumulating data which we couldn’t aggregate or analyse to see trends. Once they implemented Panintelligence for Sage, they started to get initial views of the data within a couple of days. It unlocked our ability to forecast sales forward.

"Just to report on a single brand to a partner would take 27 different reports and 5 to 6 people."

"A key win for the business was being able to get accurate forecasts with everyone using a single source of data and a standard template. Mondottica called it the ‘Page of Truth’."

David Hart, Group Supply Chain and IT Director, Mondottica

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