Rubax Case Study

Rubax was founded 40 years ago as a business that specialised in servicing lifts. From starting out as a family company, they have now expanded to be known nationwide and turned over £10 million last year. The business employs a total of 75 people, 50 of which are field service engineers. Rubax wanted to achieve a greater level of transparency and better communication between them and their customers to maintain their position as market leaders against strong competition.

The Panintelligence product allowed Rubax to take data from multiple sources and display it side by side in one central dashboard. This created a single, secure portal that their customers could login to and track the performance of their assets. They could also drill down into this data and assess the maintenance history on their lifts and escalators. For Rubax, this eliminated the need for manual report creation; there was no need to extract and manipulate data any more.

The Panintelligence solution for Rubax

"The Panintelligence customer portal gives us a common language to use with customers in our monthly updates. Outside those meetings, it allows them to self-serve data and drill from the high-level maintenance data, right down to the service reports, so it builds trust."

Gareth Jones, Financial Controller, Rubax

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