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South Kesteven District Council Case Study

The Panintelligence solution for South Kesteven District Council

South Kesteven District Council delivers 100 vital services to 135,000 businesses and residents in their local area. As a forward-thinking council, they knew they could leverage their data to gain new insights and inform future decisions. The main problem the council faced in relation to their data was not having visibility across multiple systems and services. In addition, the length of time it took to analyse key data meant that it was difficult to free up resources to generate service improvements and budget efficiencies.

SKDC first applied the Panintelligence dashboards to three of their key services: Revenues and Benefits, Planning, and Customer Services. They saw immediate benefits from the dashboards being implemented, with staff having easier access to data which was presented in charts and graphs. The visualisation of data helped users to spot trends to identify how they can improve their services, and also how the council is managing customer enquiries; for example, why certain enquiries take longer to resolve.

"­The Panintelligence software is supporting a cultural shift in traditional local authority working. Also, on a cultural level, we wanted to move into a world where monitoring performance is as immediate, natural, and easy as checking your phone or emails, and this system supports that."

Councillor Kelham Cooke, Deputy Leader of the Council, South Kesteven District Council

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