Wharncliffe - Sage reseller choose small and agile partner

Before they became a partner, Wharncliffe was looking for a solution that would be easy and flexible for their customers; something that would deliver the wow factor. Customers had to see the solution as something they would use and get real value from, not just an optional buy.

Being a similar size to Wharncliffe appealed them because it's important that they can build a relationship.

Wharncliffe is a Strategic Sage Partner and won Sage Regional Partner of the Year 2016. They enjoy working with a close knit and responsive team that are passionate about the product.

Wharncliffe found the solution easy to use and easy to implement across a range of products, not just Sage. 

'Once you've got your hands on it, or can see your data in it, it becomes a different thing altogether. You start to appreciate what the product can do for you and your business'.

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