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White Label Loyalty Case Study

White Label Loyalty exists to transform businesses’ current loyalty systems into digital, fully-working programmes, or to create a new scheme for them in a matter of weeks.

They’ve formed strong relationships with companies of all sizes, including the La Casita and Marco Pierre White restaurant chains.

White Label Loyalty makes loyalty systems work using data. They enable their customers to use their data to make decisions, which allows them to re-engage with their customers using offers and perks. The one-size-fits-all approach of traditional loyalty schemes simply doesn’t work and 75% of traditional loyalty programmes fail.

However, they had no system in place to easily analyse data on the fly. They debated whether to build their own system, or whether to buy in a proven solution to save time and money.


The successful implementation of a loyalty scheme is based on leveraging customer data. In the hospitality sector, for example, they needed to discover measures, such as, which customers visit which locations and what each customer eats and drinks.

If they could arm the restaurant chains with this data, they could reach their customers and invite them in with offers tailored to their interests.

Achille Traore, CEO of White Label loyalty, commented:


For data-driven loyalty programmes to be a success, White Label Loyalty knew they needed to hoover up lots of data, but they couldn’t surface it and present it in charts to easily generate insights.

Their customers also required a large degree of customisation of data, as each business had different measures they needed to apply.


Panintelligence presented a solution which was hosted on an AWS infrastructure. With Panintelligence, White Label Loyalty can now easily perform data analyses on recent data and use data visualisation to present data in a format which their clients can easily understand.

They have effectively democratised the whole process of data discovery, making it accessible to all.

Now their clients – such as La Casita and Emma’s Diaries – can understand their customers better, and each loyalty scheme can really engage with customers and encourage repeat visitors.

Armed with Panintelligence, White Label Loyalty has increased Emma’s Diaries user base from 20,000 to 350,000 people and La Casita has seen a return on investment in fewer than six months.

Predictive Analytics

As a white label platform, White Label Loyalty needs to work in multiple industries and be at the forefront of innovation.

They’re now working with Panintelligence to create a machine learning engine that can identify customer churn (when a customer stops being a customer).

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