Configuring Categories

Are you struggling to create effective, eye-catching reports? Learn how to create highly visual dashboards which empower your staff to understand and act upon your business's data.


Referring to category objects that have been set
How to use category objects
How to create and adjust layouts
Deleting a Category
Creating a New Category
Create a Parent Category
Category Filter - Slider
Category Filter - Number Picker
Category Filter - Multi-select
Category Filter - Images
Category Filter - Free Text
Category Filter - Date Range
Adding Category Filter - Checkboxes
Adding Category Filter - Drop Down

Chart Attributes

Do you want to be able to tweak and perfect your dashboards any time you like? We'll show you how you can take your reports to the next level so you can deliver a great experience for your users.


Chart Sorting
How to setup breadcrumbs in chart titles
Simple Dashboard interactions - how to
How to setup drill to URL
How to setup drill to chart
How to setup drill to category
How to create a drill path
Chart Target
Chart Filtering
Chart Colours
Chart Attributes


Do you want to connect to new sources of data in Panintelligence? Learn how to fully manage your data connections to enable all your business's information to be visualised in intuitive reports.


How to create a data connection
How to create a connection to Excel
How to adjust table attributes
How to add tables and views to a data connection
How to add joins between tables in a data connection
How to add a dimension and a measure to a data connection

Chart Types

Have you ever looked at your data and wondered how best to visualise and interpret it? Panintelligence contains tonnes of chart types designed to visualise data in different ways. Learn how you can build every single one of them here.


How to create a bar chart
How to build spider, radar, and windrose charts
How to build pie and donut charts
How to build funnel and
How to build area and line charts pyramid charts
How to build an iFrame chart
How to build a treemap chart
How to build a table
How to build a speedometer chart
How to build a scatter chart
How to build a map chart
How to build a crosstab / pivot table
How to build a combined chart
How to build a column chart


Do you need to manage and monitor access to data? Panintelligence allows you to control what each of your users can see and do in the software. Learn how to manage your users here.


How to assign categories to users
How to set up a user restriction
User types and privileges
How to setup user variables
How to delete a user
How to create a user
How to create a role and assign a user to it


Change the look and feel of our dashboard to match your own products. In these videos, we'll show you how to customise different elements of our products.


Themes: Styles
Themes: Colours and Config