How we solve Sage 200 reporting pains

Panintelligence Channel Account Manager, Jade Turley, shows you how the Pi for Sage Dashboard can make reporting so much easier.

We hear a lot from business how difficult it is to use their data to plan ahead. These businesses can't spot trends and are often too late in spotting missed opportunities. This lack of visibility of key data prevents them from making day-to-day decisions which helps them win more business.

Panintelligence is an out-of-the-box solution which can plug straight into your Sage 200. Not only can you get the top-line sales performance, but you can also project trends out and check these against your budgets. Look at customers who are growing and those who aren't, but also see their buying patterns and spot new opportunities.

See which products are growing and if your margins are growing with them; Panintelligence gives you the data you need to keep planning ahead, but it also ensures that you keep track of current orders and what you need to do to close more business day to day.