The retail sector moves fast. You need to be able to quickly analyse data on inventory levels, supply chain movement, consumer demand, sales, etc. that are crucial for making marketing and buying decisions. But data collection can be time-consuming. By the time you’ve collected and organized your data, sales trends have probably already shifted.
Your ideal solution gives you real-time insights, anyone can understand and change to suit their needs. Fast. Accurate. Simple. You’ve just described pi.

A retail dashboard that keeps your data moving

Our pi Dashboard gives you the insight to leverage data visualisation to gain insights from the data you collect, whether you want to analyse your EPOS data, optimise sales performance, or compare offline and online product sales, for example.
Our software gives you the ability to map out your customers’ buying habits so you can tailor your marketing and in-store promotion efforts to target the right people with new offers and product lines.

Data is always live and up to date, so you can trust the data in front of you and make key business decisions off the back of it.

Analytics that provide more detail. For insights worthy of catwalk applause.

pi analytics goes a step further than business intelligence and allows you to start predicting future trends in retail. It helps you to create a business strategy that is going to yield real results, based on the trends and characteristics of your buyers’ purchasing patterns.
With pi Analytics, the technical barrier to using techniques like data mining and machine learning has been removed. Our software is designed to be used by anyone within a business, to enable them to unlock actionable insights from their data that they can put into practice straight away.
We needed a BI tool that we could white label, that was flexible and easy to use, as well as being competitively priced, and Panintelligence was a real showstopper in all those regards."
David Owens
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