Education Analytics

The need for reporting on education data

Schools and higher education establishments are no strangers to data. Institutions require data to assess how they’re performing and where they can improve. But when this data is spread across multiple departments, buildings, or campuses, it can be difficult to maintain one view of the truth.

Our software offers a central reporting dashboard that’s easy to sell and white-label. It also offers analytical capabilities that can be used for: predicting which students are likely to be late to class, or which students are the most likely to not complete their course, which courses are likely to be most popular, and which undersubscribed.

Dashboards for the Education Industry

Our Pi Dashboard is a widely used solution for reporting in the Education Industry. It’s always evolving in-line with our customers’ needs, and it’s fully GDPR-ready and simple to set up. It’ll easily integrate with your current technologies to strengthen your sales proposition.

Pi Dashboard

The software doesn’t require any movement of your data or additional servers, so it's completely secure, and you can control access rights on a user by user basis. Whether your solution is for the primary, secondary, college, or higher education sector, your team can access and share data easily.

The dashboard is simple to use; your users will love it.

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No matter whether you’re an OEM or a reseller, and no matter which level of education you produce software for, we can meet your reporting and analytics needs. Get in touch with us to see how we can integrate with your software so you can deliver a great value-add for your customers and bring a major new enhancement to market in record time.

Analytics for the Education Sector

Business intelligence software allows you to spot trends in data and act upon them; analytics goes one step further and allows you to predict future outcomes.

Your end users can use Pi Analytics to better assess student performance. You can discover which children are most likely to become at-risk, and stop engaging with the course they’re on. And with this insight, staff can act – they can focus their attention on the children most likely to require their time.

In addition, Pi Analytics can help to see which lessons and plans were most effective, and can also help to determine how processes such as enrollment can be streamlined.

“Brilliant product – simple to use and came with a great track record. It was the first choice of platform for enhancing our dashboard and reporting for our customers. It will save time for our users and ultimately improve school performance and interventions.”

How Pi Analytics works

Colleges and universities collect vast amounts of data about their students, but often, this data isn’t utilised to its full potential. Student retention and graduation rates, for example, are often two important measures for institutions, and the analysis of data can help improve both these rates.

Pi Analytics empowers users to become their own data scientists, by spotting key trends in data that can be applied to new data sets to predict future outcomes.

To achieve this insight, we use R as our statistical modelling tool. The user builds a table, which we pass to R. We then ask R to build a decision tree to predict outcomes using the data we have supplied. We can then show this in the dashboard, and the user gains previously unknown insights.

The most prominent real-world example is being able to predict which students are most likely not to complete their course. With this knowledge, staff can perform interventions with the aim of re-engaging the students.

Case study: RM Education

Mark Thornhill, Integris MIS Product Manager, explains: “We invited Panintelligence to come and give us a demonstration. They installed the dashboard over Integris and within 10 minutes, they were showing us how to create charts using our own data. That really impressed us.”

“It has been an incredibly easy product to work with and integrate seamlessly into our solution. I can’t think of another product which you can take in May and have a finished solution to market by September.”

The product, branded ‘RM Intelligence’, has now been rolled out to a large number of authorities and schools. RM Intelligence allows self-service monitoring, tracking, and data insight from Integris MIS data, enabling schools to make better decisions.

Education FAQs

We’ve listed a selection of our most common questions below. However, should you have a different query, you’re able to get in touch with us to ask anything you like.

How much data do you need for analytics?

Analytical data models can be applied to data sets of any size. However, the more data you can supply, the more accurate the model will be. Essentially, the models will always tell you something about your data.

How secure is it?

We understand it’s essential to keep pupil data secure. With our software, you can assign access rights to control how users view, share, and edit information. Whatever users access in the dashboard is also fully auditable.

What can the dashboard show?

The dashboard can display your data in a variety of formats, from pie charts to line graphs. And with Pi Analytics, data can be displayed as a regression model (decision tree).

Can I access a free demo?

You can visit Try Pi or you can request a one-to-one demo with our Account Manager who looks after our customers in the Education sector. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your requirements in full.

What can I connect to?

You can connect to multiple sources of data, and they’ll be displayed alongside one another in the dashboard. Your data sources can be located on-premise or online.

What support is available?

We have a dedicated Support Team who can be contacted over email or on the phone. Our team of consultants deliver on-site support on request.

Do you have a question that’s not listed here?

Pricing Options

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the Education Sector can give their customers a marketing-leading analytics solution that drives real ROI for their businesses.

Visit the link below to view our current pricing models, or get in touch with us to request a quote that’s tailored to your needs.

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100% partner-focused

You won't be competing with us for end-user opportunities as we only sell to other software vendors. We have a relationships-first approach.

Secure and GDPR-ready reporting

Your data is securely stored at the source; no data is cached or stored on the client device. Embedded reporting offers audits and a KPI alert functionality.

Easy to embed and white-label

Go to market in weeks with self-service reports and analytics. The software can be fully rebranded and is completely customisable.

Our partners drive the product roadmap

Our product is constantly being updated in line with our customers’ requirements. Our team of software developers and testers work hard to forever improve our platform.

Other sectors we service

We have strong partnerships in the Education Sector, but our full partner community covers a wide range of other sectors too.

Historically, we have our roots in Finance. Our solution is designed to provide the highest levels of data security to meet the needs of the FinTech sector, as our customers include businesses who provide software for financial services, payments services, fraud detection, risk management, and insurance.

Outside the Finance sector, we also have relationships with software businesses in Healthcare, Logistics, and Local Government.

Helpful Education Resources

Here is a selection of relevant resources, which we hope will help you in finding the right business intelligence and analytics solution for the Education Industry.

“Panintelligence has helped us grow our business, enhanced the EBS and Maytas products’ proposition to market and created a competitive advantage over our main competitors.”

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