Data Analytics for the Education Industry

BI Dashboards and Analytics for Higher Education

Schools and higher education establishments are no strangers to data. Institutions require data to assess how they’re performing and where they can improve. But when this data is spread across multiple departments, buildings, or campuses, it can be difficult to maintain one view of the truth and analyse data to improve outcomes and performance.

Our software offers a central reporting dashboard that’s easy to sell and white-label. It also offers analytical capabilities that can be used for such things as: predicting which students are most likely to complete their course and how many are likely to achieve predicted grades.

Analytics for the Education Industry

Business intelligence software allows you to visualise data in interactive dashboards allowing users to spot trends in data, identify exceptions and act upon them; analytics goes one step further and allows you to predict future outcomes taking the guesswork out of forecasting.

Your end users can use Pi Analytics to better assess student performance. You can discover which children are most likely to become at-risk, and stop engaging with the course they’re on. And with this insight, staff can act – they can focus their attention on the children most likely to require their time.

In addition, Pi Analytics can help to see which lessons and plans were most effective, and can also help to determine how processes such as enrollment can be streamlined.

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Panintelligence has helped us grow our business. Pi enhances the EBS and Maytas product proposition. Embedding Pi gives us a competitive advantage in the education market.

The whole team is easily accessible. They help us with various pre-sales activities, ranging from customer days to onsite tailored demos and training in the Pi for Sage product.

Giving merchants a tool that allows them to slice and dice their own data has greatly reduced the number of queries distracting our risk team from fraud detection.