Finance Analytics

Dashboards that produce insights for the FinTech Sector

Our business has its roots in the Finance Sector, and we’ve developed strong partnerships with FinTech businesses over many years, helping them to innovate and grow. These relationships demonstrate just how secure our software is. We’re GDPR-ready and PCI-complaint because we have already met the needs for the highest levels of security for our FinTech clients.

Our customers include businesses who provide software solutions for financial and payments services, insurance, fraud detection, and risk management.

The Panintelligence dashboard can be used to detect fraud, highlight at risk loans, show performance against service level agreements, or monitor financial KPIs. Critically, our software can connect to multiple databases at source and display real-time data in highly visual dashboards allowing the user to drill-down and interrogate data with ease.

Finance Analytics

While the Pi Dashboard is the ideal solution for real-time data monitoring and reporting in the Finance Industry, Pi Analytics provides users with predictive analytics capabilities. It’s completely self-service, does not require advanced analytical skills, and empowers your users to become their own data scientists.

Pi Analytics

It’s simple to set up; just connect to historical data and select from available characteristics to build a model, then apply that model to new data sets to unlock insights that were previously unknown.

Predictive Analytics

Analytics can be applied in so many different ways. For example, it could be used to predict possible future financial scenarios, then you can prescribe what action to take. For example, it could be used to predict which invoices won’t get paid on time.

In this scenario, invoices that are most likely to go bad would be flagged to the user, so they can take the appropriate action to ensure they’re paid as soon as possible.

Drop us a line to discuss how we can tailor our products to your needs.

KPI alerts and dashboards for performance monitoring

Our predictive analytics tool is just one aspect of our award-winning software. It’s also a great tool for reporting, with data visualisation and KPI alert capabilities. These features are designed to help users get insights into their data quicker, and subsequently take action.

Once you’ve established a data connection – so your data can be displayed in the dashboard – you can build charts and graphs over the top of your data tables, directly through the user interface. Our business intelligence software also features a drill down function, so you can click on a chart and explore the underlying data.

You can also configure the dashboard so that you receive automatic updates when you hit your pre-defined KPIs, or track too far below. KPIs can be set up as speedometer charts in the dashboard, so you can see, at a glance, how the business is performing.

“We chose Panintelligence because they have a proven pedigree in delivering innovative analytics technology. This fits well with our strategy of continuing to provide our clients with a range of “best of breed” solutions that add real value.”

Analytics software to handle big data

The Finance Industry is no stranger to big data, but it is those businesses that are harnessing that data who are improving their performance. By using a business intelligence and analytics product, FinTech companies can improve their efficiency, streamline processes and provide better services to customers.

Our software doesn’t require you to move any of your data, we simply connect to your data sources using our simple and secure API. You can also assign access rights and user privileges in the dashboard, so you can always control who can see what data and who can edit your data tables and charts within the platform.

Case study: ACI ReD Shield

ACI Worldwide powers electronic payments for global financial institutions, retailers, and processors with its integrated suite of electronic payment software.

ReD’s customers include some of the largest online retail, travel, gaming, and telecommunication companies in the world. They process millions of eCommerce transactions, generating a huge amount of data. ReD works with this data to identify fraud patterns and develop strategies to block fraud.


Self-service BI

By implementing a self-service business intelligence solution, ReD shifted the bulk of the analysts’ time away from producing reports and managing data, to analytics that allows them to implement improved anti-fraud strategies.

ReD.png (1)

“ReDi has completely revolutionised the way our teams of risk analysts access payments and fraud data, providing them with insightful reporting and merchant monitoring. In the two years that ReD has been working with Panintelligence, ReD customers have seen real change and development at a pace that is unprecedented.”

Finance FAQs

We’ve collected together all our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, drop us a line and get in touch.

How secure is it?

Security is of utmost importance to the Finance Industry; we’re fully GDPR-ready and PCI-compliant as we connect to your data using a simple and secure RESTful API.

How can you control access?

You can assign access rights to every dashboard user, to control what they can see, edit, and share.

Is there an audit functionality?

Yes, the dashboard has an audit functionality, where you can see exactly who has done what in the dashboard.

How much data do you need to build analytics models?

No matter how small or large your data set is, analytics models can always be built over it. However, the more data you feed it, the more accurate its predictions will be.

What support is available?

We have a team of in-house support analysts and BI consultants who can help you with everything from setup to negotiating issues.

Do you offer dashboard training?

We offer free technical training for our partners every month and you’re welcome to send one or more members of staff to attend.

Get in touch to ask us any other questions that might be on your mind.

Pricing Options

Independent software vendors in the Finance Sector can offer their customers a cutting-edge analytics package at a price that drives real ROI for their business.

Visit the link below to see our existing pricing packages, or get in touch to request a tailored quote.

Don’t just embed Analytics Dashboards, embed us

Our partners drive the product roadmap

Future product improvements are often dictated by what our users want. We hold regular partner events where our customers can talk directly with our Development Team.

Easy to white-label

Adding your brand logos and colours is very simple – it’s all done through our intuitive user interface.

Our software can be used on multiple devices

Our dashboard is built in HTML and is fully responsive. Enable your staff to access data on tablet or mobile when working in the field.

Start self-servicing your own data

We enable your domain experts to self-serve their own data. While legacy tools often require technical skills, Panintelligence can be used by anyone.

Other sectors we service

We have a long history of working with FinTech businesses, however, our software is used by many companies in other sectors as well. While just about every business requires a reporting platform, there are further benefits to be gained from companies wanting to use our predictive analytics software.

For example, in Education, Pi Analytics could discover which children are most likely to become at-risk, and stop engaging with the course they’re on. In Healthcare, it could suggest which future patients are most likely not to turn up to their appointments, and can be used for predictive maintenance and real-time condition monitoring in Manufacturing.

Outside these sectors, we also have relationships with businesses in Logistics, Local Government, and Legal.

Resources for FinTech businesses

We’ve handpicked three top resources for businsses in the Finance sector. We hope they’ll help you find the ideal business intelligence and analytics solution.

“The ai and Panintelligence relationship is symbiotic and allows us to present incredible value to our end clients. We are already seeing a return on our investment and in the first few weeks of live usage, one of our client's Sales teams has closed over $100,000 of new revenue as a result of this project.”

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