Analytics Dashboards for the Finance Industry

Dashboards that provide real analytic insight

We have our roots in the Finance Sector, and we’ve developed strong partnerships with FinTech businesses over many years, helping them to innovate and grow. These relationships demonstrate just how secure our software is. We’re GDPR-ready because we have already met the needs of our FinTech clients and PCI compliance.

Our customers include businesses who provide solutions for financial and payments services, insurance, fraud detection, and risk management. For example, our dashboards can be used to detect fraud, highlight at risk loans, show performance against service level agreements, or monitor financial KPIs. Critically, our software can connect to multiple databases at source and display real-time data in highly visual dashboards allowing the user to drill-down and interrogate data with ease.

Finance Analytics

While the Pi Dashboard is the ideal solution for real-time data monitoring and reporting in the Finance Industry, Pi Analytics provides users with predictive analytics capabilities. It’s completely self-service, does not require advanced analytical skills and empowers your users to become their own data scientists.

It’s simple to set up; just connect to historical data and select from available characteristics to build a model, then apply that model to new data sets to unlock insights that were previously unknown.

In real-world terms, it could be used to predict possible future financial scenarios, then you can prescribe what action to take. For example, it could be used to predict which invoices won’t get paid on time. In this scenario, invoices that are most likely to go bad would be flagged to the user, so they can take the appropriate action to ensure they’re paid as soon as possible.

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Panintelligence has helped us grow our business. Pi enhances the EBS and Maytas product proposition. Embedding Pi gives us a competitive advantage in the education market.

The whole team is easily accessible. They help us with various pre-sales activities, ranging from customer days to onsite tailored demos and training in the Pi for Sage product.

We anticipate utilising Pi Dashboards for both internal project management and control, as well as being able to offer graphical reporting with drill down capabilities to our Key Accounts.