Government and Public Sector Analytics

The need for Analytics software in the Public Sector

Government and Public Sector organisations generate huge amounts of data in their interactions with the public. This could be census data on unemployment or crime rates, budget allocations, or the number of people who have registered to vote in their constituencies, for example. Without the right tools to analyse this data, gain insights, and share data easily, improvements in service delivery are not easily achieved.

These sets of data are often owned by different departments, and can therefore feel siloed. And if staff have to work through tonnes of historical information too, then it can become very difficult to handle big data in government.

A business intelligence and analytics solution tailored to the needs of local government and the Public Sector brings together siloed data sets into a single dashboard solution, making data much easier to analyse, and saving huge amounts of reporting time as a result. Business Intelligence and Analytics will play an important role in the digitisation of the GovTech sector to transform delivery of public sector services.

Dashboards for Government and the Public Sector

Our Pi Dashboard can connect to multiple data sources and display the data side-by-side, so there’s no need to download data from legacy systems and hop between separate spreadsheets from different departments.

All the data is shown in one location, by connecting to the original data source so delivering you real-time data, so you can always be sure that your users are seeing up-to-date information.

Pi Dashboard

Our government reporting dashboard is completely GDPR-compliant, and complies with the highest standards of data security. You can control access rights for your users, and lock down data so only certain departments can see the data that’s relevant to them. Our audit functionality means that you always remain in control and have full visibility of who has accessed which data.

It’s simple to set up and easy to use; the Pi Dashboard is a platform that will enhance data visualisation and reporting and deliver real ROI.

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Whether you serve local government or Public Sector authorities, our reporting dashboard can make your end users’ lives easier, streamlining reporting and making big data easier to work with. Get in touch to see how we can integrate with your existing software.

Predictive Analytics

Our software goes beyond simple reporting capabilities to offer predictive analytics. Pi Analytics uses historical data to create a model and apply to new data sets. This model then highlights trends and characteristics that can be used to understand cause and effect.

Predictive analytics empowers your end users to look forward and improve future outcomes by predicting what will happen and then allowing users to define the actions that need to be taken.

Self-service Analytics

Pi Analytics is designed to be completely self-service, so users with little technical knowledge can gain new insights into their data that would have never been unlocked before.

To consider a real-world example, users could predict voter turnouts at local elections by constituency. Which areas are likely to have the best and worst turnouts? What type of person is least likely to vote?

Pi Analytics can put simple tools into users’ hands to provide them with the analysis and data to improve public service delivery.

“The flexibility and speed with which the Panintelligence team respond to ReD’s needs is unmatched and has enabled true innovation to flourish.”

Capabilities of our reporting dashboard

While our dashboards can radically speed up reporting and data analysis, they also have other benefits that are relevant to local government and the public sector.

The Pi Dashboard offers data visualisation capabilities, so that instead of simply viewing data in table rows, data is presented in charts, graphs, and other formats to help users quickly leverage insights. Users have complete control of the format in which each data set is presented, to allow them to achieve a clear understanding of their data.

Our software has a KPI Alert functionality, whereby users can be notified whenever a certain figure hits a target or falls below a pre-set amount. These alerts can trigger an action which notifies the user of a key change in the data.

OEMs can easily white-label the platform. The company’s own logos can be added to the dashboards, while brand colours can be added through the user interface.

Public Sector FAQs

It’s only natural to have questions in mind if you’re looking for a BI solution. To help you decide whether our platform meets your needs, we’ve listed several common questions below.

How much data do you need for Pi Analytics?

You'll get the best results with a large data set. However, Pi Analytics can build models over any sized data set. You can quickly assess how confident you can be in your model through a simple colour-coding system.

What kind of support is available?

We offer sales and marketing support as well as dedicated Technical support. Our Support Team can be contacted by phone or by submitting a support ticket. You can also arrange to have a Consultant visit your offices.

Is there a free demo available?

You can use our free demo environment called Try Pi, or you can arrange to have one of our Account Managers give you a one-to-one demo of the software.

How secure is the software?

We’re fully GDPR-compliant and we constantly innovate and upgrade the security features of our platform. You can assign access rights, and the platform is fully auditable.

Is the software easy to use?

We designed the platform for users with no technical knowledge, and therefore it’s very intuitive. We also offer free training sessions for our partners at our office.

Is it easy to white-label?

All logos and colours can be changed through the user interface, which means there’s no coding knowledge required to re-brand our product.

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Pricing Options

With Panintelligence, software vendors in local government and the public sector can provide their customers with a market-leading solution that delivers ROI.

View our current pricing models by visiting the link below, or get in touch with us to request a tailored quote.

Other sectors we service

We began working with businesses in the Finance Sector, which is one of the key reasons why our software complies with the highest levels of data security and is fully GDPR-compliant.

Since then, we have branched out and formed strong partnerships in other industries, such as Manufacturing, Logistics, Insurance, Healthcare, and Education. In fact, we’ve built up a large community of over 80 partners.

As a result, our software is very flexible, and can integrate with any software vendor’s portfolio, no matter which industry they’re a part of.

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We’re completely partner-focused

We only sell to other software vendors, so you’ll never be competing against us for end user opportunities.

We're UK-based

Knowing you can access local support is always comforting. Our Account Managers and Consultants can be met in person, which helps to strengthen our relationship.

We’re easy to integrate

Embed in the application and integrate with your API. The data can be hosted or on-premise.

We're GDPR-ready

Your data is securely stored at the source; no data is cached or stored on the client device. Embedded reporting offers audits and a KPI alert functionality.

Government and Public Sector Resources

We’ve picked out several handy resources for software vendors looking to find the right solution for the Public Sector.

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