Analytics and Reporting Software for Government and Public Sector

Government Reporting: BI Dashboards and Data Analytics

Government and public sector bodies generate huge amounts of data in their interactions with the public. This could be census data on unemployment or crime rates, budget allocations, or the number of people who have registered to vote in their constituencies, for example. Without the right tools to analyse this data, gain insights and share data easily, improvements in service delivery are not easily achieved.

These sets of data are often owned by different departments, and can therefore feel siloed. And if staff have to work through tonnes of historical information too, then it can become very difficult to handle big data in government.

A business intelligence and analytics solution tailored to the needs of local government and the Public Sector brings together siloed data sets into one set of dashboards, making data much easier to analyse, saving huge amounts of reporting time as a result. Panintelligence can play its part in the GovTech sector to transform outcomes in the public sector.

Predictive Analytics

Our software goes beyond simple reporting capabilities to offer predictive analytics. Pi Analytics uses historical data to create a model and apply to new data sets. This model then highlights trends and characteristics that can be used to understand cause and effect.

Predictive analytics empowers your end users to look forward and improve future outcomes by predicting what will happen and then allowing users to define the actions that need to be taken.

Pi Analytics is designed to be completely self-service, so users with little technical knowledge can gain new insights into their data that would have never been unlocked before.

To consider a real-world example, users could predict voter turnouts at local elections by constituency. Which areas are likely to have the best and worst turnouts? What type of person is least likely to vote?

Pi Analytics can put simple tools into users’ hands to provide them with the analysis and data to improve public service delivery.

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Panintelligence has helped us grow our business. Pi enhances the EBS and Maytas product proposition. Embedding Pi gives us a competitive advantage in the education market.

The whole team is easily accessible. They help us with various pre-sales activities, ranging from customer days to onsite tailored demos and training in the Pi for Sage product.

Giving merchants a tool that allows them to slice and dice their own data has greatly reduced the number of queries distracting our risk team from fraud detection.